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Ijaw Group Condemns Disruption Of PANDEF Meeting by Police, DSS in Port Harcourt


WARRI- Ijaw People Development Initiative (IPDI) has condemned in strongly terms the disruption of PANDEF meeting by the Nigerian police and officials of Department of state security services, DSS which was scheduled on 26th October, 2017 at Port-Harcourt.

IPDI Acting Spokesman Mr. Timi Ogobiri Mayor made the disclosure in a press statement today (Friday) said ‘‘The allege security report which claims that some splinter groups were planning to cause chaos at the meeting is fake, unfounded and baseless. It is a mere conspiracy of Buhari government , and that if there be any such report; it is the duty of the police and the DSS to provide a good security network for the success of such gatherings, and not to disrupt it. We view the police and DSS actions as a conspiracy to stop Niger Delta from speaking in one voice.


‘‘The disruption of PANDEF meeting amounts to violation of rights of peaceful assembly, freedom of movement and freedom of expression as such actions are capable of beating the ember of acrimony and discord. The meeting was perceived to be disrupted because Buhari government sees the unity of Niger Delta region as a threat’’ he revealed.

According to the group, ‘‘The action of the police and officials of DSS is barbaric and unlawful. ‘‘We reiterate that it was a deliberate attempt to stop Niger Delta region from having a common voice, peace, strength and unity as the powers that be are feeding fat from the volatile situation of the region.

‘‘The directive to disrupt PANDEF meeting given to the police and DSS by President Buhari is ill-conceived .It is seen has anti-Niger Delta agenda, It does not represent the interest of the Niger Delta region.

‘‘This shows that President Buhari is not sincere, neither interested in the unity and peace of Niger delta region. It is an affront against the region which shows his lack of readiness to dialogue with the region through PANDEF’’


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