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Ijaw group blasts military invasion, extra-judicial murder in C’ Rivers community

FILE PHOTO: Soldiers in Niger Delta

*Calls military on erring soldiers to be punished

By Anitie Achibong, Calabar

Ijaw people development Initiative (IPDI) has blasted the Nigerian military over extra-judicial execution of an indigene at Kala_Ekuleama town in community in Cross River State.


In a press statement signed jointly by the National President and spokesman, Comrade Ozobo Austin, Comrade Daniel Ezekiel respectively, said, ‘‘We strongly condemn the unlawful killing of one innocent citizen, the barbaric invasion and burning of Kala_ekuleama town, a satellite community of Ke in Kalabari Clan in Rivers State by Nigeria military about some days go.

‘‘We were told that the military burn down the community unlawfully, when it attacks a bunkery camp close to the community.

‘‘The overzealous military personnel after burning the bunkery camp ,conspired to unlawfully razed the community which has nothing to do with the bunkery activities.’’ They said.


Continuing, ‘‘The community was unlawfully victimized and someone was killed in the process at Ke. This is lawlessness, unprecedented and unprofessional. We want erring military personnel be brought to book and made to face serious punishment of their heinous crime committed against law_abiding citizens of Kala_ekuleama community.

‘‘The law spelts out punishment for every crime, and that burning of innocent community and killing of innocent people are not a known punishment for those who took part in mere bunkery activities.

‘‘We call on the military to exercise restrain and caution, their unlawful activities are becoming unbearable. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Assuming not conceding, involving in bunkery activities is not enough reason for someone to be killed. Some persons are doing bunkery in a community is not a ground to burn such a community.’’ They noted.





According to the groupo. ‘‘We should be treated equally. Treating some people first class citizens and others second class is no longer acceptable in this country. What some Northern military men are doing here in the South is terrible. This is bias and barbaric.

‘‘We call on the chief of army staff to investigate the burning of Kala_ekuleama town and bring to book all erring military personnel who perpetrated the unlawful killing and burning. It is also our demand that the community should be rebuild and loses be compensated in no distance time.’’ They urged.






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