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Igala nation rejects Yahaya Bello despite blowing millions to get Attah of Igala endorsement

Yahaya Bello

 *As Chiefs, Monarch speak different tune from Subjects over Gov 2nd term.


By Ahmmed Ahmadu

After blowing a whooping 800 million naira as bribes to some chiefs and others in Igala Nation for mobilization and endorsement of his 2nd term bid all is yet  not ok for the executive Governor of Kogi state Yahaya Bello as several groups under the Igala Nation have vehemently and openly come out to dissociate themselves and the Igala people from what they described as a monetized endorsement by the Atta of Igala.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that the executive governor of kogi state has been having sleepless nights over how to get the Igala people who are in the majority in the state and whom he had repeatedly cast aspersion and insults on severally to  back his 2nd term bid and was said to have been lucky several weeks ago when some Chiefs and few leaders from the Igala Nation agreed to intercede on his behalf and create the enabling environment for his endorsement of the Attah himself but for a fee which the governor dutifully and quickly acceded to and the result was the endorsement of the 2nd term ambition of governor Yahaya Bello by the Attah of Igala.

But shockingly few days after the so called Igala endorsement, the Igala Nation under two different Umbrella body have openly come out to not only renounced the said endorsement but described it as an aberration and not binding on the real citizens of the Igala nation to a governor that has no commissioned even a single road in the state Capital, Lokoja not to talk of the suffering the state workers have been going through for years now,

One of the group known as the Ukom Igala Organization vehemently opposed and totally reject the monetized endorsement of the Attah of Igala’

Spokes person of the Ukomi Igala Organization, Elder statesman Engineer Samuel Safiu   totally dissociated his group which is an umbrella body of all Igala and that of the Igala nation from any manner of endorsement of a failure like Yahaya Belo who has several cast out insults on the Igala Nation and its people and has not commissioned a single project in his four years of administration in the state.

According to Elder statesman Safiu Samuel “We the Igala people cannot in any way back a man like Yayaha Bello for another term for whatever reasons and he would be voted against by the Igala Nation even if he chooses to get 10,000 thugs to Igala land on election day not because we hate him as a person but for the fact that he cannot point to any single project he has commissioned or done even in Lokoja the state Capital not to talk of Igala Land. Here is a man that has taken the whole Kogi work force through uncommon suffering and owing over a year of Salary yet can mobilize with Millions of Naira for some kind of  endorsement. Is it not shameful?”

Another Group known as the Igala renaissance also came out fast to dissociate itself and the Igala nation from the bazaar like endorsement given by some traditional institution to Yahaya Bello for a 2nd term  and vowed that no matter the amount of Millions the governor pours into Igala land he would not be voted by the Igala nation for a 2nd tem as search is still ongoing for a better Candidate that the Nation and people of Igala would back to become governor of the state.

The Renaissance led by   James Ochulo described the pouring of Millions daily to bribe Igala people and chief for some kind of endorsement as mere wasteful venture as such millions would have been better used to offset the backlog of the suffering workers of Kogi state and clear up their backlog of Salaries .

In the Words of James “A bad product cannot be good just few months to election when in the past three years he was unable to execute one single project in Igala land and the state in general, yet now have millions to throw around and mobilized for endorsements when he should have used such millions to help pay the salaries of the Suffering workers in Kogi state rather than wasting such since his fate has already been concluded and sealed in Igala hence doesn’t need to waste his Millions”

It would be recalled that days ago the news was agog with the endorsement of the 2nd term bid of the Kogi governor by no other than the Attah of Igala, one of the most and highly revered Monarch in Igala land.










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