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If Jonathan gets gold for corruption,then Buhari must be given platinum for same-Junaid Mohammed



          *Buhari Government has created several billionaires among his friends, families and relations much more than any Govt in Nigeria


ABUJA-As the war of words over corruption and corruption related matters intensify in the country another serious dimension was added to the brick bats just few days ago when one of the most outspoken Northern elders described the handing over of gold to Good luck Jonathan in the Field of corruption as laughable.

According to Alhaji Junaid Mohammed, a second Republic Member of the House of Representation in the second Republic, giving the Gold medal trophy to Jonathan for the series of Corrupt acts in his administration by some Members of the APC is something laughable because it shows that many in this dispensation are either blind or not ready to tell the fact the way it is since the corruption in the Jonathan Administration when placed side by side with that of Good luck Jonathan would make Jonathan a saint.

In the words of the out spoken Junaid “Buhari Government has ruined the Nigerian National Economy, he has totally messed up the Nations Security, he has lied through his teeth about integrity by promoting and supporting people and his close followers in their looting game, Many who are close to Buhari  have become overnight Billionaires and for all these to me Buhari cannot and never win any free and fair elections in Nigeria except via rigging’.

‘’Talking of Corruption and Gold medal for Jonathan, to me Jonathan totally Deserved it for corruption and all he did but to me it is sarcasm of the highest order for that to come from Bola Tinubu and I viewed it as a high sense of humorous sarcasm, to sarcastically give Jonathan Gold Medal because I don’t know what then Bola Tinubu would now give to Buhari if Jonathan could garner Gold because Mohammadu Buhari and his people  has perfected Corruption much more than Jonathan or any other administration in the history of this Country as such I would rather award Buhari the Platinum plaque for corruption because it is far higher than gold and since Corruption in Buhari’s Government dwarfs that of Jonathan over ten times Buhari deserved an award far higher than the gold medal” he said


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