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If APC with what is going on still call PDP members looters then APC should be Supra looters- General Maxwell Udoh



*Am just pained and sad of how posterity would judge Mohammadu Buhari.

*These are people who don’t even steal budgeted funds but directly steal from the federations account, unbudgeted funds.


CALABAR-It’s with these words that the erudite and vibrant Militant leader General Maxwell Udoh described the rate of looting in the Present APC led government when placed in a comparative stool with what happened prior 2015 under the PDP led government.

The  Militant Leader who didn’t mince words described the Buhari’s Government as a deceitful government that is merely shouting of fighting corruption while every passing day they are seriously in the corruption train in a far higher dimension and from every angle.

He lamented the brand of looting going on in the country today which he described as not just barefaced but totally wicked. A situation where thieves, real thieves are reinstated, promoted and at times given awards yet they claimed to all who cares to hear that they are fighting corruption.

In the acidic views of the General “The Buhari administration is a disgrace to all, it’s one where thieves, rogues are all eulogized, reinstated when sacked, promoted when on trial and unbudgeted funds are taken directly from the Federations account secretly on the whims and caprices of the President and his cabal members. Take the trillions they  claimed to have paid for the same subsidy they told us had stopped with the fuel increase without the approval of the National Assembly as constitutionally stipulated, what about the 46.2 million dollars not Naira lifted from the same Federation account without senate approval or is it the multi Million Naira thief in NHSIT, the thieves that brought Maina back for some millions, Saleh Garba  the looter that was facing trial for looting billions as Registrar of Supreme court who are now heading the NJC as registrar or the NEMA boss that is under investigations by the senate for looting but yet the cabal want him to stay or do we talk of the Baru gate, the millions for Helipad at the President house, a contract negotiated and awarded by thieves in the Presidency, paid from the federation account yet no National assembly approval. How many do we mention? Are all these not thieves and looters and not fit for their looters list?’’

He described Buhari as one man that history would not forgive after he leaves power when his own files and that of his family and cohorts that makes up the cabal would be looked into as Nigerians would describe Abacha as a saint when juxtaposed with the looting under this administration.

According to him ‘’I pity what would become of the name Buhari after this administration because the expose and kind of loot that would come out would make Abacha one of the most prestigious saints because what we see now is administrative /presidential direct looting from the Federations account without any kind of approval by the National Assembly, many would be shocked when dossiers of this same Buhari is exposed at the appropriate time’’.

The general described as shocking what the so called loot that is ongoing in this administration that all Nigerians before now believed would be different for which Buhari was voted for but shockingly he has not only soiled his credentials and name but destroyed the whole trust Nigerians reposed in him with the cover ups, grand cover ups and deceitful games that he is playing when it comes to looting amongst his lieutenant and cliques.

‘The man Buhari has totally destroyed all the credibility he has left and I pity him greatly because posterity would not be favorable to him in judgment not just for his role alone in the looting f the country dry but the grand cover up and supra cover he gives to thieves and his cliques around him and that hurts me most’’


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