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I am set to make  a new sports record in Edo- Dudu-Orumen

Barrister Dudu-Orumen

By Isaac Olamikan, Senior Correspondent, Benin


Chairman of the Edo State Sports Commission, Barrister Godwin Dudu-Orumen, has stated that his mission is to give a new direction, a message of hope to sportsmen and women in the state.



In a chat, the sports commission boss averred that the government is no father Christmas and thus “want value for money” adding that to give value the product has to be right.


Going forward, Barrister Dudu-Orumen stated that it is his duty to ensure that sports is properly positioned and rejuvenated so as to make it the number one state in sports once again.


“It has been a difficult time. We are talking about the sports commission which is an amalgam of what used to be sports ministry and sports council.


“People are always scared of change. They’re not looking at positives. But I have come with a message that the sports commission seeks to create a new awareness.


“The sports commission is a professional body in sports which with time, in terms of conditions of engagement, will live to profit every stakeholder and people should forget what used to be.


“They should drop this rearview mirror mentality and look forward to how we can make the sportsman count; how the sportsman activities can add to the GDP of the state; how our sporting activities can have no con effect on the economy of the state and when athletes have gone past their best they don’t become liabilities to us.


“We would have a structured system in place that they don’t need to worry when their best days are gone.”



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