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How Sultan of Sokoto escapes the Emir Sanusi’s treatment

Sultan Muhammadu Sa'ad Abubakar

By Isa Yusuf

Today the Emir of Kano is real a sad and confused man as the Presidency/ Ganduji plot to not only disgrace  by dividing his emirate but kick him out of his esteemed position is yet to abate despite pressure and plea from several top Nigerians including among others the Richest man in Africa Aliko Dangote.

Daily Watch Sources in the Villa confirmed that the plot to edge out the Emir and Sultan of Sokoto was hatched long before the 2019 governorship elections when all security reports confirmed that the duo wee in support of the PDP Presidential Candidate Abubakar Atiku and same for the PDP governorship candidates for Sokoto and Kano state respectively.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that it was then the die was cast that the two highest and most respected traditional rulers in the North must be cut to size and serious dealt with and the results is what the Emir Sanusi is now going through in the hands of Ganduje in Kano state.

Daily Watch Sources Confirmed that ewhat woked seriously for the Sultan of Sokoto and the little peace or is it reprieve he is having now has to do with the PDP winning the Governorship elections in Sokoto state since if the reverse was the case ,today the Sultan would have been in a more terrible problem than the Emir of Kano who is yet to feel the plot and evil laid than for him by the Presidency using the Governor of Kano state as the actor in the funny script playing out in Kano state.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that the end of the Sanusi and Sultan Saga is not yet in sight as the APC is banking of hitting the Sultan  if and when they are able to wrestle and reclaim Sokoto using the tribunal to which several top APC leaders in the secrecy of their discuss have confirmed would come to pass using the mechanism of Judicial abracadabra as they the top APC rulers cannot stand the Opposition Party ruling over Sokoto  state for any reason.

Daily Watch findings has it that several coded messages have been delivered to Aminu Tambuwal to get his ass back to the APC immediately after swearing in on May 29th 2019

If he desires to continue as the executive governor of Sokoto state as the Presidency is working round the clock using hook or crook to take over the Caliphate which to them cannot be in the hands of the Opposition PDP.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that Emir Sanusi would soon be  moved as the Emir of Kano and take to become the Emir of Bichi or any of the newly created Emirates with one of the newly appointed Emirs in the recently created Emirates becoming the Emir of Kano and the candidate recognized as the  head of the traditional Council in Kano and by so making Sanusi to be under the Candidate which will either push him to resign or force him not tp attend meetings called by the new Emir of Kano and from there the state government would get a better reasons to fire him once and for all that is if the plea by several northerners is allowed to hold sway but if not he would be fired out rightly even before this transfer plot by the government of President Buhari/Ganduje.

Daily Watch attempts to reach out to Aminu Tambuwal on the reported plots to unseat him via the tribunal using the Federal Government muscling of the Judiciary to make it possible except he switched camp to the APC after been sworn in was not possible as at Press time.





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