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How secret pact between Presidency and Babachir Lawal impairs corruption trial



           *To keep secret all beneficiaries of PINES contracts and lootings in his possession.

          *To pick his replacement as Secretary to the Federal govt, which eventually becomes his Cousin Boss Musterpher?


          *To remain silent about his removal and Silent about all PINES dealings

Lawal Babachir

ABUJA-The basic reason why the Buhari Presidency in spite of overwhelming evidences and pressure from all corners of Nigeria has so far refused to put on trial the ex -Secretary to the Federal Government Babachi Lawal is because of a secret pact entered between the Presidency and the Ex –SG of the Federation after his reported Sack.

Daily  Watch investigations in Abuja confirmed that Nigerians awaiting the Trial of the Former Secretary by the EFCC would wait till eternity as the Federal Government would never budge or accept in any way to put the ex- Secretary to the Federal government on trial and even if they are to do it would be a total charade from which he would be totally discharged and acquitted from .

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that this  is so because the Ex- Secretary to the Federal Government of the Federation and the Presidency were said to have entered  into a pact which entails the non prosecution or trial of the Ex Secretary in exchange for his total silence about the stupendous lootings that went on under the Presidential Initiative on the North East (PINE) among top presidency officers, their children and families.

According to investigations, the Sack of Babachir over the Grass cutting scam was said to have reached him with utmost shock as he believed he was untouchable by virtue of  been an insider in the extreme lootings and co-operation he gave everyone in the Presidency and their families in the PINE bazaar and he vowed to presidency to come out open on the many  phony contracts, companies and phony deals that went on in PINE if he was to be disgraced as he vowed not to go down alone as almost everyone in the Presidency had one or two phony deals that helped them raked in Millions and Billions of Naira from the same PINE and felt bad that he was singled out for Sack and eventual prosecution.

Daily Watch confirmed that It was this threat that was said to have worked the Magic in the Presidency in which Babachir was granted immunity from prosecution and even if they was to be it would be so watery and badly prosecuted to allow for easy  acquittal.

Also agreed for Babachir to with held his  expose of families and men in the Villa that partook in the extensive lootings in the PINE operations was for him to have the powers to pick the person that would take over his Position and also be rewarded with several  contracts amounting to several billions from the same  PINE through his successor as compensation for his sack.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that it is the secret Pact that is why in spite of all the evidences against Babachir he has been left out from all EFCC harassment, prosecution or trial despite  overwhelming evidences against him that would have sent him to over fifteen years in Prison.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the so called accounts frozen by the EFCC  belonging to Babachir was almost cleared out financially by him on Presidency instructions before it was seized or frozen as to hoodwink Nigerians that something is been done on the Babachir matter while in truth the Presidency cannot and will never in all sincerity put the ex- Secretary to the Government on trial over the pact of secrecy the Presidency reached with him before his silence.

Attempts to reach out to the Present Secretary to the Government Musterpher Boss whose  appointment was based on the recommendation of  Lawal Babachir his Cousin in fulfillment of his pact with the Presidency was not possible the same for all efforts to get the EFCC to comment on their refusal to put up Babachir on trial as several Text messages to  Wilson Uwujeren EFCC spokesman was also not responded to.


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