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How Presidential cabal moves for Obono Obla ouster

Obono Obla

*For daring to move against Senator that has paid ‘tithe’ for ‘sainthood’ to Cabal

By Lucky Ojigbo & Isa Yusuf, Abuja

That the heavily mouthed and boastful Obono Obla is no more in his esteemed position as Chairman Presidential Committee on Federal Government Properties is no more news neither is it news that the very loquacious and highly exuberant Obono  Obla kissed the dust for the same Corruption he claimed to be fighting for President Mohammadu Buhari all these years.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that the travails of Obono Obla was self inflected as he performed his work as if he is a loose cannon that is even above the president taking on cases, issues and several others that is even not under the purview of his job description and designation thereby creating not only problems and embarrassment for the Presidency but turning the Presidential committee to another anti graft body like the EFCC and the ICPC which was never the intent or specification for which the committee was set up for.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that Obono Obla who had a forged WAEC Certificate with which he gained admission into the University of Jos to read Law got the brunt of the cabal when he went after a senator and Judge who were said to have paid money to the Cabal foe settlement of their detailed corruption issues thereby buying their sainthood only for Obono Obla to go after them and even had their accounts frozen despite indirect advise from the Chief of staff to the President to soft pedal and exempt himself from most of the cases he was pursuing which were not under his official spectrum to do but he refused forcing the cabal to  his files as investigated by the house of Representative under Dogara that unearthed his forgery of his WARC certificate and sundry other financial malfeasances to the ICPC  which simply  read through and did little or no investigations as all was vivid in the House of Representative reports upon which the cabal drafted Police to the Office of the Committee to stop Obono even before the President got wind of the whole saga  thereby putting one simple end to Obono Obla reign of impunity, blackmail, job usurpation and  pomposity;

Daily Watch efforts to get the views of the once overzealous and pompous Obono Obla on the stark reality of his own past now coming to hunt him thereby turning him  from the hunter to becoming the hunted was not possible as at press time.




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