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How Presidency forced IG to return commissioner Janga to Kogi state



        *Gov Bello laughs last as IG eats his words.

         *NSA on President Instructions warned IG against taking any action on Kogi without consulting Governor


President Buhari

ABUJA-Nothing is as god in this administration like knowing the men at the top as it would make you soar beyond the reproach of men and women of this world as that seem to be the case of the Governor of Kogi state who days ago single-handedly chased away a new commissioner of Police posted to the state.

According to findings, the Inspector General of Police who hurriedly posted the state commissioner of police loyal wholeheartedly to the Kogi Governor and does his bidding without questions was made to eat the humble pie just few days after announcing the transfer as he was thoroughly reprimanded by the powers that be in the seat of power in the villa and asked to rescind his transfer decision.

According to insiders in the Police headquarters, the IG was summouned to the Villa few days ago and totally cautioned against changing the Kogi state Police commissioner who is seen in the seat of power as extremely loyal to one of their own and would be useful politically in the days ahead.

The IG who was said to have left the Villa with his tail on his legs was fast to reinstate the removed Commissioner of police  Janga whose removal he announced less than two days ago.

Daily Watch investigations had it that after chasing out the new police commissioner the state Governor reached out to the Presidency about plot to bring in a new police Commissioner that would become a thorn in the flesh of the APC administration in the state and immediately the IG was order to not only reinstate Commissioner Janga but do so with immediate effect.

Commissioner Janga according to information who had remained put in the state all through his removal saga on the orders of the Kogi governor did not take time to resume his position with the IG coming on air to announce his re instatement on what he the IG termed as his apprehending the escaped suspect as if he the IG had not already announced his transfer and replacement days before the arrest of the suspects.

Daily Watch confirmed that the reinstatement of the Police Boss in Kogi was done directly on orders from the Villa after a long tongue lashing of the IG by the National Security Adviser on behalf of the President who was said to have been angered by the change of guard in Kogi Police hierarchy.

Attempts to speak to the Police Spokesperson on the reinstatement of Janga was not possible as at Press time but those close to the state Governor confirmed the story and said that the commissioner can only be removed when governor Bello says so.


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