How Presidency/cabal dole out N.9bn to buy ACF retired Generals endorsement

Mauhammadu Buhari

*To counter endorsement of Atiku by regional groups.

The recent endorsement of President Mohammadu Buhari by the Arewa Consultative Forum few days ago did not come without serious financial inducements as the Presidency was said to have paid a five man ACF team to announced the endorsement even before the full house meet of the none partisan body could meet.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that each of the five members that met in the Villa with Babagana Kingibe , the arrow head of Buhari Political caucus in the Villa and the Deputy Chairman of the ACF  Musa Kwande were told to hurriedly give their endorsement to counter what the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) had done by endorsing Atiku Abubakar as the ACF endorsement would help ameliorate the dastardly effect of the NEF endorsement.

Daily Watch Sources have it that the five man ACF members who went to the Villa for the endorsement meeting  were said to have gotten five million naira each for the speedy endorsement which was said not to have  been done by the whole house of the ACF but just five men without others knowledge.

Daily Watch Sources has it that when Atiku was endorsed by  several leaders from different regions including the Northern Elders Forum on whose behalf Ango Abdullah signed for the Presidency was said to have been jolted and made frantic efforts to also reduce the impact of the endorsement and immediately Buba Marwa ex-governor of Lagos state  was mobilized with over 200 Million Naira cash to mobilized groups of retired army officers for endorsement of President Buhari  which resulted In the hurried endorsement of over 77 retired officers several days after Atiku’s endorsements with each of the general said to have gone home with several Millions according to their political weight.

The Same Scenario was said to have played out as a five an team of ACF met with Babagana Kingibe and immediately got themselves several Millions and two sets of immediate Contracts from the coffers of the Presidential Initiatives on the North East (PINE) and paid upfront for them to hurriedly put out an endorsement that would seem like a counter to that of the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) that occurred days back.

Daily Watch Sources has it that several other members of the ACF are presently said to be seriously grumbling over the endorsement deal which was never discussed by the house but hurriedly done by some few members and against the non partisan stance of the Northern body.

Daily Watch attempts to speak with the secretary of the ACF o the divided house and serious grumbling over the hurriedly assembled few endorsing President Buhari on behalf of others with any meeting to that effect was rebuffed by the Secretary who told Daily Watch that the Group is about meeting on the issue of the hurried endorsement by some few.



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