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How Oshiomole used and dumped Magnus Abe

Magnus Abe


       *After reconciling with Rotimi Amaechi, Minister for Transport.

*Abe weighing his options in APC as his Gov. Ambition seemed dead


Politics is  in Nigeria unlike other clime is truly a game of deceit and self preservation, aggrandizements and interest or how else can one describe the total betrayal and uppercut punch dropped at the jugular of Senator Magnus Abe and his team of supporters in Rivers state recently.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that Adams Oshiomole several weeks after winning or is it been crowned with the APC Chairmanship cap had a fall out with the Minister for Transport Chief Rotimi Amaechi over which Amaechi wet on air though with a later denial that Oshiomole is a bad luck to the APC.

This statement ad several moves by Amaechi to undermine Oshiomole ascension to APC throne then were said to have created serious  but silent war between the two henchmen of the Present administration and to hit back at Amaechi, Oshiomole was said to have reached out to Magnus Abe in a deal to not only give the Rivers state APC structures to him but make him the APC governorship candidate t spite Rotimi Amaechi/

According to Daily Watch findings, it was a happy Abe who briefed his followers and launched into a grand plan and unilaterally based on the Promise and discus with the APC Chairman moved hurriedly to set up his own Parallel APC Secretariat in Port Harcourt  as plotted by Oshiomole and Abe with a promise o pull all APC bigwigs and the APC NWC team down for the opening.

This was said to be the speed with which Abe went about his new APC Secretariat with his supporters and followers only to be shockingly disappointed on the opening day as no known Party Chieftains from Abuja or the National Chairman showed up making the whole exercise a mere charade.

According to Daily Watch findings, Weeks after Abe and Oshiomole met, Rotimi Amaechi got wind of the meet and quickly mobilized  the Presidency, ministers and others to reach out in a serious plea to Oshiomole not to move against Amaechi and his hold on the Party in Rivers state hence the hurried and open denial of all insults and statements against Oshiomole and some kind of peace deal was stroked unknown to Senator Magnus Abe and the result was the shocked absence of the APC national Chairman or any known APC Chieftains other than Abe and his band of followers in the Opening of the Parallel secretariat by Magnus Abe as against his boast to his supporters and followers as he was roundly betrayed and dumped by the APC Chairman.

Daily Watch Attempts to reach out to the amiable Senator Magnus Abe on the near flopping of his much talked about grand Parallel secretariat opening was not possible as at the time of this reports as calls to his media boys was not answered.


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