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How Okorocha, Uche Nwosu plot winning Imo Gov. elections

Rochas Okorocha

*Accept to foot campaign bills of all House members that moved with Nwosu to his new Party.

*Area boys forming special corporative unit par pulling unit to work magic for Nwosu

That Rochas Okorocha is no taking the 2019 elections  as regards that of Imo state lightly is stating the obvious as the State Governor has budgeting several billions to see that his anointed candidate who incidentally is Husband to his Daughter coast home to Victory.

Daily watch Sources in Imo has it that Okorocha has perfected full proof strategies that would see his Son in law eventually wins the Governorship seat of Imo state and succeed him in office.

Sources in Imo confirmed that apart from dropping several Millions on the table of all the traditional rulers to back Nwosu, Okorocha is said to have accepting footing the total campaign expenses of all the House of Assembly members that port with Nwosu at of the APC.

Also of note is the encouragement Okorocha is said to have given to the different ‘big boys’ popularly called area boys in Lagos to form themselves in to special group like cooperative societies to be used effectively in upping the chances in the governorship elections in Imo state and empowering each group of twenty in polluting locality with thousands of Naira for the task ahead.

Daily Watch Sources has it that the elections in Imo state certainly would be a war like elections if the plans on ground is anything to go  by as  Rochas  Okorocha has vowed to give his all to see that Uche Nwosu sails through as the Governor of Imo state no matter what happens.





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