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How Odigie Oyegun, APC Chairman was forced out on second tenure ambition



          *Blackmailed and threatened with EFCC probe if…

          *Security Reports crafted from DSS to beat supporting Gov., to dump him.

         *Promised Ministerial/Ambassadorial position if APC wins.

ABUJA-That the APC cabal and the Presidency dumped Odigie Oyegun Several Weeks back when the President did a three hundred and Sixty Degree summersault to renounced the one year elongation ride for the APC chairman is no more news, the News is how the President was able to hand twist Oyegun, the APC chairman from Finally swallowing the bitter pill of not recon texting for his Position despite his having over 14 Governors backing him.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that before the passing Monday Odigie stand high as the Candidate to beat in the Coming APC convention as most of the APC governors were said to be angling for his comeback coupled with the facts that the Governors were not too comfortable with an Oshiomole’s Chairmanship pursuit hence the speed with which the APC chairman condemn the South South APC adoption as not just a child’s play but one borne out of foolishness.

But less than twenty four hours after Oyegun outburst, he was forced to swallow the humble pie and confess to his ardent supporters that he quickly opts out of the race.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that Oyegun decision not to Contest was one that came out of fear as a result of the threat and Pressures mounted on him by the Presidency and the Cabal who were afraid of Some APC Governors stging an upset by backing Oyegun against the Cabal/Presidency choice in the forthcoming Convention.

Daily Watch can confirmed that Oyegun was forced with a serious Security report said to have been created within days by the DSS in which he was accused of monumental fraud and looting of the APC coffers dry in conjunction with some NWC members close to him and simply asked to throw in the towel or else been arrested, handcuffed and disgraced  y the EFCC with an immediate trial or bow out honorably and received  Ministerial or ambassadorial compensation if and when  APC wins the 2019 Presidential elections.

The APC chairman was said to have quickly embraced the simple position of dropping is chairmanship ambition to free him from the onslaught planed for him before and after the APC elections if he were to remain stubborn to the decision of the Presidency and the Cabal.

Also Governors who were Secretly backing Oyegun were on Tuesday shown diverse incriminating Security reports from the Dss why Oyegun must not be allowed to come back as the APC chairman and by so put a fear on the Governors who were said to have quickly understood the game plan of the President to go hard on any that opt to tow a different line in the Chairmanship decision of the President.

Already the President that Tuesday was said to have told 12 APC governors of his Final decision to dump Clement Ebri who was a favorite before last week for the APC chairmanship for Adams Oshiomole the Ex Governor of Edo state s the President Proffered choice and for all governors to buy into and sell same compulsorily to their followers as doing otherwise means opposing the President 2nd term bid.

Daily Watch Attempts to Speak out to Chief Odigie Oyegun on his reported decision just days ago to drop his recon texting bid despite the backing of several Governors was not possible as he and his media team were totally evasive in spite of several messages to their numbers.




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