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How notorious thieves moved to APC, dropped billions to cabal to become saints

Alhaji Adamu Muazu

Today, the anti-corruption war of the Buhari government is almost dead as almost all those who are supposed to face trial for looting the country dry have been exempted from Prosecution after settling the Cabal, Powers that be in Aso Rock Villa and then singing the praise and support of the President.

Daily Watch findings has it that chares raging from billions to several Millions depending on your looting figure and charges are said to be doled out to the Cabal before forced decamping to help wash away all sins of corruption and transform the thief from a corrupt looter to a branded Saint as confirmed by the APC Chairman Adams Oshiomole days ago at the  APC Presidential Rally in Edo state.

Daily Watch findings Confirmed that several top APC members who were in the PDP before decamping were said to have been involved in this payment for ‘sainthood’ which got bestowed on the recipient after doing two things which are paying some fine to the Presidential Cabal in the Villa and if I Politics decamped to the APC and automatically becoming a new creation and all sins forgiven according to Chairman Oshiomole.

Daily Watch Sources in the Villa Confirmed that while the Ex-Governor  of Akwa Ibom state and Ex- Minority leader of the senate coughed out a whopping 1.8 billion to get free from the toga of corrupt personality to that of absolute sainthood.

Daily Watch sources also confirmed that four out of the Several decampeees from Bauchi states who moved to the APC form the PDP which included the former Chairman of the PDO who coughed a Billion, Ex Secretary of the Federation Yahale 500 million and several others.

A former defense Minister who was supposed to face trial with Ex Governor Fayose of Ekiti state was said to have coughed out 800 million to the cabal and immediately moved from a corrupt thief set for trial to sainthood ad prosecution witness against governor Fayose after paying and porting to the APC.

Daily Watch attempts o speak with the new EFCC spokes person Tony Orilade on how most of the corrupt thieves in the PDP  who moved to the APC have now gotten miraculously  all their cases either stopped, frozen accounts  re-opened, case file disappearing to office of the Chief of Staff or have their cases handled lackadaisically so as for them to get acquitted  the end.





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