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How Kogi Police Commissioner Hakeem Busari sheepishly turns into errand boy to Gov Bello

Kogi Police Commissioner Hakeem Busari

*Does even the unimaginable just to not only please Bello but get his ‘tithes’ moving.

By Ahmed Ahmadu, Abuja

In better Clime it takes serious and painstaking search to see a Police Commissioner becoming more of a errand boy to a State Governor but in Nigeria everything goes just as it is happening in Kogi state where the State Police Commissioner Hakeem Busari is now more or less the senior errand boy or should one be permitted to say thug leader to Yahaya Bello to whom he has converted the Nigerian Police Force Lokoja to becoming an extension of the Governor’s office and been used for all manners of dirty jobs to the admiration of the executive Governor of Kogi state who has become a thorn in the Flesh to all following the takeover of armed thugs even known to the Police in the state.


Daily watch investigations confirmed that Hakeem because of the constant supply of Tithes by Bello who by the way has become one great father Christmas as the elections grows nearer, spending money that was scarce all these years to pay workers as if it is running out of space has  now turned the Nigeria Police office in Lokoja to Kogi State Office tension where the Governor and his Chief of staff, the self styled Deputy Governor Onoja directs and dictates what is an offence or not and which issue the Police must act on and thse he must look the other ways foe perpetrators to finished their dastard acts.

It has gotten to bad that thugs of the state governor move side by side with the men of the Nigerian Police force carrying out the evil acts under guide and guard of the same Nigerian Polices that is supposed to be protecting and arresting same thugs.

Quite of recent when the Abracadabra called impeachment took place in Kogi state despite  the report of the  Panel set up by the state governor himself exonerating the Deputy Governor of the state  Elder Achuba from all allegations leveled against him, the Police Commissioner  in his usual slavish manner without consideration of  the laws of the land was the first to call the Deputy Governor to Vacate his residential apartment within hours and immediately moved as ordered by the State Governor over fifty fully armed Police Officers to take over and hold the Deputy governor hostage in spite of the fact that an impeachment of a deputy governor does not warrant n invasion or psychological torture liken the one he Police Commissioner meted out to the Deputy governor on the express orders og his pay master in Kogi State.

The Deputy governor who was almost physically assaulted by the Commissioner’s men acting on orders of the Commissioner saw to it that nothing moves in the Deputy Governor’s Compound as his personal Security was removed, his light, water was cut off by the Police and his whole family under serious threats and held hostage even before the announcement of the impeachment that failed to meet any known constitutional standard in Nigeria or the world.

Daily Watch investigations Confirmed that two days to the so called fake impeachment, the Police Commissioner was said to have paid a Visit to the Governor with his notorious Chief of Staff now Deputy Governorship Candidate for the APC in Kogi State on the manner of attack and treatment to dish out to the Deputy Governor once the state House of Assembly which is on Break but surprisingly carried out the impeachment even without any indictment by the Panel set up by the executive Governor, it was so bad that the same report of the Panel was dispatched to the Deputy Governor by the Commissioner few hours before the so called Fake Impeachment and the dispatch of several Police officers to lay siege and psychologically torture the Deputy Governor and even calling to threaten him to pack within hours from his residence.

Daily watch put a call to the PRO of the Kogi state Police Command on why the Commissioner of Police should be the one giving out quit notices and take hostage the residence of the Deputy governor few Minutes after a stage Managed impeachment that does not meet any known constitutional slandered  but not success just as all text messages to the same number was not responded to.


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