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How Kano assembly members get richer by millions over Ganduje’s video saga

Gov. Abdullahi Ganduje

*Governor doles out 100million each as federal supports with another 100Million

*Bribe taking Video, Issues dead for good as Presidency weighs in with Federal might.

The much talked about  video expose of the Kano state governor taking several  bundles of Dollars as bribe from contractors that hit the nation with a bang seemed to have finally died a naturally death thanks to the smart move of the Presidency and the Kano sate governor to kill the issue totally.

Daily Watch findings has it that the ploy to kill the 16 episode bribe video saga was scripted right in the Presidential Villa, the Centre of the so called anti Corruption fight with the lord o the Anti Crime fighter on seat.

Daily Watch Sources in the Villa confirmed that the Kano state Governor was invited by the President and his Cabal to confirm the veracity of the 16 videos   during the brouhaha over the issue with a promise not to take any action against him to which the governor truly agreed and confirmed to be factual ad thee and then the President and the cabal decided on simple modalities to kill and end everything about the Video issue which the Presidency believed would kill and erase several votes for the APC in the state if allowed to run its full course as it would eventually culminate in the disgraceful impeachment of the Kano state governor who the Presidency views as a major arrow head of the 2019 game plot in Kano state.

Daily Watch Sources has it that the EFCC and the ICPC were immediately alerted through the Office of the Chief of Staff to  avoid any action or discuss by any of the anti Corruption bodies on the Ganduje’s issue  (hence the Anti Graft boss Ibrahim Magu Silent and anger when asked in a Press Conference about Ganduje’s bribe Video)  and several millions was immediately drafted by the Presidency to the members of the State House of Assembly to not only kill the probe but accepting any court rulings on the issue to give room for the death of the matter naturally stopping their investigations would totally reduce interest by Nigerians on the matter.

Each members of the Kano state Assembly were said to have got themselves the sum of a 100 million naira each with the Principal officers getting move from the Presidency with another financial chest from the state government which  resulted in the speedy acceptance of the  ‘procured’ Court ruling against the House going on with the ad hoc Probe after the  same House has  before then rejected the stoppage based on constitutional provisions’

Daily Watch Sources has it that “Kano is a strategic state for the APC and the President by virtue of the huge voting population it has and the Presidency opt to forget the Corruption war for Political expediencies in the issue of Ganduje” said our Sources in the Villa.

Already, the Video saga is almost as good as dead with the Bribe taking governor becoming a serious player in the APC reconciliation fight in spite of the huge albatross on his neck and the EFCC coming out to confirm it can investigate the videos and saga because f the Kano Governor Immunity but forgotten how the same commission (EFCC) ran all over Nigeria investigating Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state while still in office and was all over the place harassing and confisticating his so called Properties even while under Immunity.

Even as evidence abound hat the same Kano Government gave out several Millions to the Anti Graft EFCC even within the period of the Video brouhaha as  confirmed by officials of the Kano state Government openly.

Daily Watch attempts to speak with the Spokes person of the Kano state Aminu Yassar on the reported bribe to the State assembly members by both the Presidency and the state Governor over the Video saga and the state  government confirmation of dropping some Millions to support the EFCC was rebuffed with extreme hostility by him.

Just as  Daily Watch spoke with Tony Orilade of the EFCC who denied the story of collecting any money from the Kano Governor but went silent when asked why Fayose was investigated in office and even severally harassed for corruption  with properties seized and shown in Nigerian Dailies despite Immunity but Kano Governor wasn’t with excuse of the same immunity by the EFCC which was not observed in case of Ayo Fayose of Ekiti then.







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