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How greed for Position pushes Daniel Gbenga to sell out and betrays Atiku/PDP unceremoniously

Gbenga Daniel

  *Hoping to get Ministerial nomination through Ogun Gov Elect

That the Dg of Atiku Campaign Chief Gbenga Daniel has resigned is no more news neither is it news of his intent to switch to the APC just less than two weeks after Atiku lost the Presidential Election in very strange circumstances that has made him head for the Courts to adjudicate but what is not known to Nigerians is the factors that has propelled a man of Gbenga Status to  hurriedly opt for the destruction of his name he built over the years over a plate of porridge,

Daily Watch findings confirmed that Gbenga Daniel  is not a man to be trusted going by his antecedent and his plot to ditch Atiku and the PDP started long ago when Bukola Saraki was made a part of the Campaign and funds deposited with Saraki rather than Gbenga which he felt was an aberration having prayed and had hoped to handle the disbursement of all campaign funds and by so make great for himself financially.

The Decision to bring in Bukola Saraki was said to have hurt him to high heavens that he almost quit and declared for the APC like he almost did when he lost the Chairmanship position to Secondus but for his hope of Atiku winning and luckily he becoming the Chief of staff or SSG kept him on but when Atiku lost out in the very phony elections Gbenga who seem desperate for cash and new fame was quick to switch camp to the APC governorship candidate after some secret meet where the APC Candidate promised him a Ministerial Position if he throws his support for him and the APC to win the Governorship seat and behold the greedy Gbenga Daniel  could not resist and dumped the PDP without a single shame and was almost on the way to declaring for the APC with several lies about pressure and call from his people to do but for the uproar that followed his story hence the delay in his plot to port to the APC just when his Master is fighting to head to the Election Tribunal to get back his mandate. So much for fait weathered Politicians and men in Nigerian Politics.

Daily Watch rushed to speak with the ex-governor of Ogun state about the grand betrayal of Atiku and his PDO brothers over his rush to port to the APC in he name of pressure from his people over simple promises of a Ministerial position by a mere Governor Elect which may just be a deceit was not Possible as he is said to be avoiding the President for now over his shameful conduct.





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