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How El-Rufai fuels Kaduna killings by creating Emirates in people’s domain

Governor Nasir Ahmed El-Rufai

  *Plotting to create a new Emirate in Zango Kataf

By Ahmed Ahmadu & Isa Yusuf, Abuja

The much talked about crisis ,killings etc in Kaduna which seemed to have gone down for sometime may in the days ahead reared its ugly head if the state Governor Mallam El-Rufai does not stop his wicked ploy of creating Emirates in several communities in the state that are none Fulani’s’.

Daily watch Sources in Kaduna confirmed that the Governor who was once touted to have confessed paying billions to people he classified as killer Headsmen in Kaduna to stop the killing seemed to be good at creating problems where now exist like he is now trying to do in Zango Kataf.

Daily watch Sources confirmed that the Governor who is himself Fulani takes delight in gig to communities that are non Fulani’s to authoritatively create Fulani emirate in them thereby relegating the already existing traditional tool of the people and elevating the Fulani traditional Seriki above the inhabitants as he has already done in several none Muslims communities such as in Kajuru, Lere, Kaura, Kagarko etc thereby creating a parallel   traditional Fulani stoop  in locality that are not of Fulani’s domain thereby heightening tension, suspicion and crisis in most of the localities between the new Fulani’s rulers and the already existing ones.

Daily watch Sources in Kaduna confirmed that the governor having succeeded in several communities has now cast his eyes on the Zango Kataf people who are said to be aware of the plot and are said to be rearing to go into a fierce battle with their few Fulani brothers living in their land who are now expected to have an emirate in the Land of the Zango Kataf thereby preparing the ground for another rounds of war, killings in Kaduna.

Daily watch spoke to several leaders of the Zago Kataf who vehemently vowed to fight any incursion into the domain of the Zango Kataf in the name of Emirates or any new name El-Rufai might want to call it as there would not open their eyes and allow the governor turns the whole state into one Fulani’s domain as he is planning to do by sitting Fulani Emirates in none Fulani locale and installing rulers in the same locale having their own traditional stool.

According to one of the older generations of Zango Kataf Indigene Spoken to by Daily Watch Ham Saidi “The Zango Kataf people would use every means in their disposal to defend their land and institutions from the sacrileges of El-Rufai whose major achievements in Kaduna is crating Emirates everywhere for his Fulani tribe thereby wanting to turn the whole Kaduna to a Fulani state which we shall with our last blood vehemently opposed”

Another  leader who is Chairman of the Zango Kataf Youth Assembly  (ZYA)  Jones Ilara described the rumor / plot of the governor  to repeat the emirate creation /land acquisition tactics he did at Kajuru, Lere and others in the land of the Zango Kataf as taking his luck too far and vowed that they would fight the governor even with their last blood.

In the Words of James “El –Rufai would be taking his luck and gamble too far if he dares gamble into the land of the Zango Kataf with the very selfish and Fulani agenda of an emirate in our land, that he did same in some communities and threaten then to obeisance would not happen in our land as no kind of emirate would be welcome in the land of the Zango Kataf. We will resist his game with the last drop of our blood and he should be battle ready to kill us all to see his emirate agenda through” he concluded.





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