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How cabal appoints Buhari ‘Thieving Babe’ to take over multi-billion naira social investment Fund from Osibanjo

Minister Sadiq Umar Farouq


* Minister Sadiq Umar Farouq stole over 200 tons of Date Palms donated by Saudi Arabia as Refugee boss.

By Lucky Ojigbo,Abuja


It’s no longer news that the money spinning program/policy initiated by the Vice President under the Social Investment  Scheme has been wacked off the table of the Vice President by the Cabal in the Presidency neither is it news that Osibanjo was blackmailed and painted with the dirty tag of Corruption to make the drafting of the Multi Billion Naira Social investment portfolio off the office of the Vice President to a new but phony Ministry Called the Ministry for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management and Social Development not to raise eye brows, a new Ministry that is set up by the Cabal to have a field day with the multi Billion Naira windfall from the Social investment fund that runs into several Billions.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that the newly created Ministry was in the behest of the Cabal who are said to be highly desirous to have the full hands on the many aspect running into Billions of Naira that is inside the Social investment package and managed all through the initial four years by the Vice President.

Daily watch Investigations in Abuja confirmed that the New Ministry like PINE, the So called Presidential Initiative for the North East which has become looting money for he Cabal is purposely Like the Okorocha Ministry of Happiness to corner all the Billions under the Social investment portfolio.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that after creation of the Ministry, the Cabal drafted the ‘secret Lover’ of Buhari Sadiq Umar Farouq to man the portfolio as a Minister to assist in the total pilfering of the Billions since she is part and parcel of the Cabal and Buhari even before now.

Sadiq  Umar Farouq who herself is roped in corruption and is not a clean person just like the several Buhari’s Minister brought in by the Cabal had been involved in several notorious deals before now one of which was when she was heading the National Commission for displaced Persons where she was indicted in the blatant stealing of over 200 tones of Dart palm donated to displaced and Suffering Nigerians in the North by the Saudi Arabian Government .

Daily watch findings has it that she a known ‘thief’ was picked in purpose to head the multi Billion Naira Budget Ministry so as to help in the final looting of the Billions under the Social Investment portfolio that was initially under the office of the Vice President and the Cabal was unable in the first four years of Buhari’s government not able to get anything from hence the creation of the New Ministry and the whole tar of corruption to create an easy picture to move the Billions from the Vice President to a Ministry the Cabal can firmly lay their hands on and the new Ministry headed by a once ‘thieving’ Refugee Boss who collected from Refugees for her own Pocket to man.

Daily watch investigations Confirmed that the Cabal is in serious merry mood having gotten the very high prone cash filled Social investment pool that was initially under the Vice President and where the Billions were untouchable to the Cabal

Daily Watch attempts to reach out to the Media Aide to the Minister in charge of the Ministry to state if the whole funds under the Social investment funds would not go the way of the 200 tones of Darts that vanished under her finger was not possible as at press time.


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