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How Abba Kyari, Musterpher Boss, Gumel cleared N12b from Ecological fund in name of RUGA

Aso Rock cabal

By Cletus Opukeme, Abuja

While the mountain of controversies over the RUGA Fulani settlement Scheme all over the Nation is still raging on with extreme ferocity several key members of the Buhari administration are busy looting for themselves several Billons of Naira in the name of the said RUGA

Daily watch sources I the seat of Power here in Abuja confirmed that even with the serious confusion and doubt over the RUGA Scheme the Chief of Staff to the President Abba Kyari, the Secretary to the Federal Government Boss Musterpher and one Gumel has secretly cleared over 12 Billion Naira as their own Bazaar from the Federal Ecological Fund in the name of RUGA which has not even started .

Daily watch Sources confirmed that the 12 Billion Naira stolen by the trio from the Ecological fund and transferred to their Private Accounts and totally different from the over ten Billion carted away without Appropriation from the Central or due process.

Daily watch Sources Confirmed that several top members of the Buhari administration with or without the president authorization are in serious race to loot as much as possible from the coffers of the Nation as if there is some kind of urgency to steal or fear of leaving their position soonest.

Attempts by Daily Watch to get through to the Chief of Staff to the President who incidentally is a senior member of the Presidential Cabal headed by the President’s Senior Cousin Mamman Duara that has not only taken over the Presidential mandate and runs the Country as the real President was not possible as Silence like the Italian Mafia is the modus Operandi of the Cabal operations.



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