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How a military man allegedly beats 60 yrs old woman to coma in Delta





WARRI-An overzealous soldier on guard at the checkpoint in front of the Nigerian Prisons Service has reportedly brutalized a sixty year old woman,Mrs. Lilian Magbemi to coma in  Warri,Delta State.

Daily Watch gathered that since the day of the incident, Magbemi who is battling with very sever ailments including malaria fever is being hospitalized.

Narrating how the incident happened,Mrs. Lilian Magbemi claimed she was in a commercial tricycle going home when suddenly the tyre of the tricycle was deflated.
She said the soldier man who has allegedly soaked himself with alcohol accosted and demanded from what they were doing in  their bid to fix another tyre on the tricycle.

Magbemi who spoke in pidgin English language said the soldier man punched her as she tried to explain to him.

Magbemi stated that it took the swift intervention of other Soldiers and Mobile Policemen on guard duty at the Prisons with sympathizers on the road to save her from the hands of the overzealous Soldier man stressing,”If to say he hold gun,he for shoot us o.”
“As we dey come from Iyara,the Keke tyre come burst nai we come dey tow am go corner.

“As we dey do the tyre,the soldier just come from nowhere,ask us say weytin we dey do for here. I try to explain to am but he just punch me for chest. He still punch the Keke boy. Nor be small thing o.
“Na Soldiers and Mopol come run come drive am,say them know weytin dem go do am later.

“Na the Soldiers and Mopol come put me for Keke carry me go house. I nor know myself again after the Soldier punch me.

“The thing done put fever for all my body as I dey here. I dey very sick.

Mrs. Lilian Magbemi said,”God do am for me. I nor want to trouble. Na only me dey treat myself since.”

The commercial tricycle operator,Ifeanyi Oliseh, who was allegedly brutalized by the same soldier man corroborated the claims of Mrs.Lilian Magbemi.

Oliseh,35 years old the overzealous soldier described the soldier saying,” he has mustache.”

Oliseh said”The soldier man dey walk for one beat for the prison. He threaten say he go kill me. He pursue me with wood.

“I want make them transfer that man from that place.

Contacted,one Capt.Adamu who is the commander of the soldiers at Alele in Warri/Sapele road said he is aware of the development but that he requested the woman to comeand identify the soldier who allegedly brutalized her but she did not.

The Acting Commander of the Nigerian Army 3 Battalion in Effurun,Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State,Major A.T  Abdulladri  assured that he would get to the root of the matter.


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