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House of Rep hopeful, Omafuaire blasts Nat. Assembly for not checkmating Buhari’s alleged failure


WARRI – HOUSE of Representatives 2019 Hopeful for Ughelli North, Ughelli South and Udu Federal Constituency , Comrade Akpokona Omafuaire has accused the National Assembly for any alleged failure of the President Muhammad Buhari administration for not doing its duty of checking and balancing. 



Omafuaire stated this yesterday in Warri in response to the question of how an effective National Assembly can bring about good governance in the country.


The aspirant noted regrets that with the effective use of the constitutional powers vested upon the National Assembly to check and balance the executive arm,  the alleged failure of the President would not have been possible.


Omafuaire stated that only an effective connivance of the National Assembly with the Executive arm for selfish reasons that could make it possible for the Executive arm to undermine the powers they wield.


He stressed that under Section 4 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended, that the National Assembly function is to make laws for peace, order and good governance including many other powers.


That if in the country today,  there is no peace,  security of lives and no order, culpability should be that of the National Assembly.


Omafuaire wonders that the only reasonable explanation why the executive arm can with uncouth impunity, breach the constitutional duty of federal character in the appointment of security Chiefs amongst other which is leading to gross insecurity concerns today is because the legislative arm allowed it.


He also took a swipe at the legislature for looking away as security issues which are solely in the exclusive legislative list are today being taken over by state because of the same failure as the states are now resorting to self help.


Omafuaire charged the legislature to wake up from slumber to its role and close mark the excesses deaf executive arm to restore a little sense of decency in the governance of the country.


He tasked the legislature to borrow a leaf from their peers in the developed world and know that their task vested upon them is enormous and not that of “I concur” to every act of the executive.




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