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House of Reps condemn Edo executive rascality, set up panel

Godwin Obaseki

By Alfed Osahon, Abuja

Federal lawmakers yesterday, Tuesday 10 July, habe condemned and constituted the Edo state executive rascality.  Hon. Professor Julius Ihonvbere moved the Motion on the need to investigate the causes of crisis in the Edo State House of Assembly.


He stated that the Governor of Edo State has failed to convey the publication necessary to inaugurate the 7th Edo House of Assembly, instead, he authorized the constitution of an illegal leadership into Edo House of Assembly, and at an irregular hour of the day.


He called on the House of representative to takeover the affairs of the House of Assembly till normalcy is restored.


Supporting the motion, Hon. Johnson Oghuma stated that the sanctity of Legislature should always be upheld, and he condemned the actions of the governor of Edo state, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, as Executive rascality which should be thoroughly resisted as it is a bad precedent.


Hon. Peter Akpatason in contributing to the debate decried how Edo State with a high political pedigree would be held ransom by the whims of an erring Executive. The situation, he stated, has led to Members-elect of the House of Assembly to be harassed and attacked by thugs loyal to the Executive. This misnomer, he also described as executive rascality that should not be allowed to find its way into Nigeria democracy.


Hon. Herman Hembe condemned the action, of Edo state executive, describing it as ‘illegality’ and called for proper inauguration and election of a Speaker to be conducted to give the House the much needed legality.


Hon. Segun Odebunmi in condemning the action of the executive, pertaining the kangaroo inauguration of the Edo Assembly, said; ‘it is a dangerous trend’. He stated that political correctness should not be sacrificed on the alter of personal ambition. He supported the prayer for the House to takeover the affairs of Edo State House of Assembly in order to set the affairs right.


On his part, Hon. Nicholas Ossai stressed the need for the House of Representatives to as a matter of urgency intervene in order to correct the anomally rocking the Edo House of Assembly, which he said is slowly becoming a norm nationwide in Executive dictatorship.


Hon. Samuel Babatunde called for the Amendment of the Constitution to ensure that the communication for the inauguration of State Houses of Assemblies and the National Assembly should be time bound and clearly transmitted to all concerned Members.


Hon. Abdulrazak Namdas called for the full investigation of the circumstances and bring erring individuals to justice. He termed as ‘unfortunate’ the violent turn the issue has taken which is giving Nigerian democracy a bad name.


Hon. Mohammed Tahir Monguno stated that; ‘…the way it is, there is a vacuum in the Edo State House of Assembly which as a matter of urgent public importance, must be attended to…’ Hon. Olumide Osoba prayed Governors to tow the line of democracy exemplified by President Muhammadu Buhari and not abuse the tenets of Executive powers.


Hon. Tobi Okechukwu called for speedy resolution of the problems in the Edo State House of Assembly so that the House of Representatives would not need to take over its functions.


The Motion was Voted on and Passed.


The Ad-Hoc Committee to investigate the crisis in the Edo House of Assembly was constituted and is to be Chaired by Hon. Razak Namdas, with Membership comprising Hon. Linda Ikpeazu, Hon. Bunmi Ojo, Hon. Edwin Anayo, Hon. Bello Kumo, among others.


It could be recalled that on on the 7th of June 2019, the Edo state House of Assembly was inaugurated under very questionable circumstances where four members elect were abducted and forced to partake in a kangaroo inauguration in the dead of the night, and subsequently, others that  condemned the action of the executive, were harassed and intimidated by thugs, backed up by the police.





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