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House of Reps aspirant, Akpokona Omafuaire begs for support as the tide draws close









Dear esteemed people of Ughelli North, South and Udu Federal Constituency and fellow Deltans.


Support my aspirations if you are;


A human being created by God for impact


Someone who has a conscience and fear God


One who has vision and will give account to God some day


A person that can reason and not blind to material possessions


A human that can think and reason like an image of God


Support my aspirations because the election time is here again and we have to realize that there are only two political parties in Nigeria


They are the party for the political class and the party of the masses


The political class and elites in Nigeria have same thinking and agenda  for the trampled upon masses (make them poor for ever)


Their thinking is pauperised  and weaken the masses irrespective of the registered political parties they belongs


The masses bear the brunt of their actions and inactions after elections when they would have purchased the masses votes for peanuts or nothing


We the masses are all casualties of the actions of the political class and carelessness


They neither care or are concerned about the lot of the masses as they want continuous loyalty which can only come when you are poor


Support Comrade Akpokona Omafuaire to start the new revolution of making the masses have a voice and feel true representation


Support me because we have been turning round same circle of poor representation and underdevelopment


We will get same results if we do same thing way we have been doing


Together we can recreate the Delta of our dream. We can make a positive impact when the masses lead


I don’t have money to share or give Okada, Keke and vehicles to you but we can join hands to change our tomorrow


The monies they give to you is your stolen future, it is our collective fortune meant for development


They have sold us a dummy that we cannot do much, it is rehearsed lie from the pit of hell


Make a decision if you truly are tired and want something new


Together we can make a positive impact


Support me and work for yourself because it is not about me but our collective future


Work for the future of your children and support me with your time, money, skills  and ideas


If you are willing and if you know that this message if a bitter truth, reach me and let’s work together


Decide today and shun sentiments, we can do it differently


Work for yourself and support me, the victory is sure


Note that my aspirations is for positive change and impact, it is not worth the shedding of innocent blood and conflict


Contact me on 07038736549, iyeteakpokona@gmail.com


Thank you and God bless

Comrade Akpokona Omafuaire




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