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Hoping for Buhari: The police, military would never implement anti-grazing Laws,says General Maxwell Udoh


      *Today its Mbataho Island tomorrow it shall again be somewhere and the shouting, weeping and tears would go on and on, and the Military would look on.

       *Is the Sharia Police, Civilian JTF   not armed and working in Kano, North East? So why can’t same security group work in other states.



“When I said the Military was  solely drafted to Benue to stop the People from creating their own Civilian defense squad and to protect the herdsmen like in Plateau, Kaduna and Taraba I was almost crucified but what are we witnessing? Nigerian IG telling us a law is not a law to be obeyed until Govt; sets up Business for Private Cattle owners with the Citizens’ money as if the IG is now spokesman/defense council  for the Fulanis and the Police not created for just law implementations, funny indeed’’.

It is with this delightful analysis and thought provoking statement that  General Maxwell Udoh, Leader of the New Bakkasi Strike Force responded to Daily Watch question on the invasion of Mbataho Island in Benue state just few days after his warnings that the herdsmen would strike again even with the presence of the Military who had allowed their passage and protection into the same Benue state that they all fled from since the implementation of the Anti grazing law.

According to the Militant leader General Udoh, ‘’Ortom and his people would not stop shouting just like the herdsmen would not stop taking lands and killing  them even with the Military who had the mandate to allow return of the herdsmen and  grazing  steadily since according to Nigerian IG the herdsmen can’t be arrested for grazing despite the law in place to that effect’’

Udoh likened Nigeria to a funny country where the Police Boss and the Military decides which laws to implement and which not to thereby placing them in sync with the herdsmen who said there would and cannot obey the anti Grazing laws of any state.

According to the Militant leader ‘’if Civilian JTF can  exist in North East, Sharia Police in Kano and other Northern states why can’t  livestock guard  be in Benue to implement the Anti  Grazing laws? or is it that the states with Sharia laws and Sharia police established to implement it are more Nigerian than the people of Benue state?.It’s simply its simply because the Benue elders, leaders and Youths are docile and blind to know their right and how to go about it or have they asked themselves how these herdsmen that took over Mbataho and sack 5000 inhabitants gain influx into the state just when the Military came in and claimed to be on ground a thing the herdsmen  where unable to do or to break the laws before the coming of the same Military”’.

Udoh likened the whole Benue, Kaduna and Taraba drama as a game that is played in the high echelon of power hence the Country Inspector General can order Executive  state Governors to use their resources to build Ranches for private Fulani herdsmen  before laws can be implemented, to come on air to say herdsmen can’t be arrested for grazing, to say killings are as a result of legally passed Laws in a Country.

The General lampooned governor Ortom for adorning the Military Uniform to happily welcome the same Military that now allows herdsmen free ride back in to the state, the same Military that is swift to arrest Livestock guard but not able to arrest a single killer herdsmen, the same Military and Police that  are clearly siding the herdsmen against his people and can’t ask Ortom the names of the Killers he claimed to know for arrest.

“’It is laughable Ortom hopes on this same Military that has been in Plateau, Adamawa ,Taraba and Kaduna and killings still go one with the Military only appearing after the Killings to protect his people when he has the option of a State Security outfit like the Sharia Police and Civilian JTF to do a better job for him, when he has brave and pained Tiv boys to undertake and do a far better job than what the IG and Military are claiming to be doing when infact they are supporting the herdsmen by their own utterances and conduct or how do you explain the many herdsmen now flooding the state despite the laws in place? To me Governor Ortom and his people would wail, cry, shout and even crow if they want to but the expected succor would never come as long as the herdsmen have a free reign and can reside freely in all land where the original inhabitants have been chased away from and the Military refusing to push them out for the real owners to inhabit”.

Daily Watch  question to the General to know if the same situation where to play out in the Niger Delta was thrown away with the wave of the hands as he confirmed that the herdsmen cannot try the shit they are dishing out to the North Central weaklings  to the people of the Niger Delta because they the herdsmen know better what the result would be.

In his words ‘’The herdsmen are wiser than you think, they cannot foolishly replicate their feats against the North Central Weaklings that give them joy, makes  them happy with their tears, cries, blood and all that in the Niger Delta and think they would not get an appropriate or even much more response, they know their weeping Tom and Jerry that’s all I can say for now.



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