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High profile suspected thieves under presidential protection


                           *Trial dropped, dumped in EFCC
trash of outright silence even with monumental evidences

ABUJA- At times the statement all over that the Present administration fight
against corruption is either a facade, a fluke or  totally selective
seem to be a fact if the number of suspected thieves holding sensitive
positions in this government is anything to watch.


Daily Watch investigations in Abuja over weeks seem to be giving ample
credence that the Buhari’s administration has some soft spot for
certain group of corrupt people as  some  are handcuffed, harassed,
shown on television, destroyed in papers even before trial or has
their properties confiscated using the court of law while others are
treated like kings using probe panel, peaceful interrogations, absence
of confiscation of properties, stopping of trials and in some cases
non investigations of petitions by the Economic and Financial Crimes
commission (EFCC) with the cases standing as dead on arrival.

Daily Watch investigation has confirmed over ten if not more Suspected
and Petitioned and even indicted men by Government Probe Panels in
some cases yet still calling the shots in top positions of authority
in the Buhari government in which fighting corruption was and still
seem to be the sing song,

Take the case of Buhari’s minister for  Interior Dambazzua, he was
retired from the Nigerian military for stealing several billions of
Nigeria from the Nigeria Military Hospital for which he was also
indicted by a Probe panel and recommended for trial but Buhari in his
wisdom still places such man in the helm of affairs in the Ministry of
Interior, Again same Minister is in the news for buying a monumental
properties in Boston USa for several billions of Naira till date the
EFCC pretends not knowing same as the Presidency that is fast to
confisticate Properties of other lesser thieves.

Again, the case of the Present Registrar of the National Judicial
Council (NJC) is also not just a big shocker but leaves  much to be
desired,Here is a man that served as the Regisrar of the Nigeria
Sumpreme Court,accused of looting the office dry and indicted by a
government probe panel for stealing a total sum of two billion naira
from the coffers of the Supreme court and recommended for trial,
Lastly he was charged to court but strangely a letter from the
minister of justices to the EFCC stopped the trial of the thief and
within days the thief has become the New registrar of a sensitive body
as the NJC in the same corruption fighting Buhari’s administration,
apart from the Secretary of the NJC he also got rewarded for looting
Supreme court 2 billion with another sensitive position as the
secretary of the recently established Corruption Monitoring Committee
yet all these are not seen or known to the chainman of the Buhari’s
corruption Watch King Chief Itsa Sagay to act on.

Another cas e Daily Watch Unearthed is that of the Ex Chairman of the
Economic and Financial Crimes Commision Ibrahim Larmode,In his case he
was investigated by the Nigeria senate following the shout of his
looting and selling of  properties of people with cases in the EFCC
with particular References to the Ex Inspector General of Police Tafa
Balogun Properties and that of late Ibekwe a member of the House of
Representative then, After investigations he was found culpable of
stealing, selling and tampering with the monies from properties he
wasn’t to sell in the first place and recommended for trial, today the
Buhari’s Government has not just promoted him but to the post of a
commoner in charge of the Special Fraud Unit (SFU) Ikoyi Lagos to go
on with his sale of looted properties in the SFU in Ikoyi maybe.

Another Shocking case is that of the Chief of staff to the President
Abba Kyari who got a whooping some of 400 million naira bribe from the
MTN Nigeria to help influence a slash of fine the Nigeria
Communication Commissions dropped on the door step of MTN and after
due investigation by the President upon which the Chief of Staff
confirmed to have collected the bribe to use in fighting the APC
governorship election to the President for which the President asked
him quite succulently if he was the Chairman of APC the case died a
natural death, the EFCC has never ever or for a second deem it fit
even to pretend carrying out any investigations, the man with his
luggage of loot still seats as the Chief of staff to the President who
Prides himself as a corruption fighter.


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