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Hidden Agenda: Full scale RUGA ‘war’ looms as Presidency doles out billions of naira for lobby, blackmail

President Muhammadu Buhari

*Several S/E, N/C,S/S,S/W groups angling for Millions to become attack dogs against their own

*Over twenty Fulani groups masquerading as Northern spokes group mobilized in millions of naira.

By Alfred Kayode,Abuja


The so called suspension of RUGA a subtle name for Fulani Land Acquisition scheme of the Buhari administration was a mere tactical move by the administration to ease  tension  and clear all opposition by lobby or blackmail before its resuscitation in the months ahead.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that series of meeting in the Villa  have been held on the importance of RUGA to the Fulani race and why it must be established by force, hook or by crook and several billions mobilized by the Cabal in Presidency for the attainment of the scheme which is one of the core plots of the Fulani’s all over Africa.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that in the days ahead several NGO’s, Groups and social organization would spring up all over Nigeria to canvas for the RUGA scheme and castigate any and everyone against it as anti northern Nigeria all in the way of killing all opposition to pave way for the scheme which in simple English is meant to create home for Fulani’s in every state of Nigeria and to finally establish the Fulani dynasty all over Nigeria.

Daily Watch Sources in the Villa confirmed that the game plot is to use  subtle means to showcase the RUGA as the decision of the whole North and the only remedy for peace in the North and Nigeria as a whole when in fact Ranching is the best way out of the battle of all over Nigeria.

Daily Watch findings and sources also has it that the Miyiti Allah, the Military wing for the set Agenda would in the days ahead intensify attacks  so as to force several people to accede to the RUGA scheme which would be promoted as the only panacea for peace as against Ranching which is the most advanced mode of Cattle rearing all over the world.

Already Several Northern elders have been conscripted from the Northern Elders Forum to the Arewa Youth Movement and Youth Vanguard with several more rearing to go in the multi Billion Naira war for the establishment of RUGA and the total takeover of Nigeria by the Fulani’s.

Daily watch sources confirmed that the Presidency is spending so much for RUGA, cattle Business which is  a private business and leaving all other projects at a standstill because it is the solid agenda of the FULANI nation and the bloody fight then to control the National Assembly by picking the Presiding officers was basically to stop any opposition or inquisition from the National Assembly as massive extra Budgetary  fund is been consistently moved and carted out of the CBN in the name of RUGA  which is the major focus of the Buhari government in its 2nd term.

RUGA is not a Policy but a well mapped out plot, agenda and aim of the Fulani’s not just the Miyiti Allah which is the Military Wing working towards the fulfillment of this set agenda in the midst of very modern RANCHING that is practiced all over the world but of the Fulani Nation to finally Islamize Nigeria after holding all other Nationalities in the North Captive for years.

Daily watch Sources has it that the RUGA plot which is a brainchild of Fulani Nationality was drafted by some egg heads in the Bayero University with imputes from some Fulani scholars in far away Sudan and Chad and one that must be implemented by every means no matter  what.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that in the days ahead many groups even in the South East, South South North Central would spring up to back the RUGA as Billions have been going round to mobilize diverse group and overnight NGO’s and Groups to speak up for RUGA for some prices.

Daily Watch attempts to reach out to the Arewa Youth  Frontier and Tanko Yakassi one of the new converts to the RUGA threats and blackmail to know why RUGA is much better than Ranching which is the 21st century methodology in Cattle business and what business the Federal government has with a private Cattle Business when other Businesses of Private nature by Nigerians are not been promoted this way  if something is not amiss was not possible as none of them was willing to discuss on that.




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