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Herdsmen troop Kogi as Gov Yahaya Bello races for 2019



             *thousands of Herdsmen registered in kogi for 2019

 ABUJA-The boasting and repeated boast by the Kogi state Governor Yahaya Bello to win the 2019 Presidential Elections en mass for Buhari and the governorship election for himself is centered around his belief in the new registration going on nationwide.

Daily Watch Investigations confirmed that the Registered Voters in Kogi state is said to have increased dramatically since the new Registration started as a result of the influx of thousands of herdsmen from Benue state to Kogi state.

It would be recalled that following the enactment of the Benue state anti grazing law last year November thousands of herdsmen were asked to relocate from Benue state to which the Kogi state Governor against the wishes of the People of the state gave a blank cheque for any herdsman to come freely to Kogi state and automatically assumed the status of a citizen in the state thereby creating room for several thousands of herdsmen with their cattle to the state in a move said to be geared towards upping the registered voters of the state which incidentally would help boost the chances of the Governor 2nd term ambition knowing that all the herdsmen would readily become registered voters in Kogi state and eventually cast their votes for Mohammadu Buhari and the state Governor Yahaya Bello.

Already, Daily Watch investigations confirmed that over 100 of thousand or even more of herdsmen have already gotten registered have already registered as legitimate voters in the state giving the state Governor a higher esteem in terms of voters in his kitty.

Attempts by Daily Watch to speak to the Media spokes person to Governor Bello on the reported registration of several thousands of herdsmen in the state as registered voters to boost the chances of the Governor was not possible despite several text messages to his phone number.





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