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Herdsmen take over Ondo govt reserve,  turns it to a military base

File photo: armed herdsmen

*As Funke’s killers are suspected to have made it from the base.

By Alfred Kayode, Akure

While Nigerians are still shouting and condoling with the leader of the Afeniferi over the killing of his daughter by suspected Fulani headsmen, the headsmen are said to be celebrating n their hideouts at the Ondo government reserve based at Odigbo Local Government Area of Ondo State from where they intermittently launched  forays into the Sagamu express way and other Major Express ways to kill, loot, kidnap and rob passengers and others on the highways,

Daily watch findings confirmed that the herders who have been at the Ondo Government Reserve for months now with the knowledge of the Nigerian police and other Security forces in the Country are like lord onto themselves as they live like gang stars who live on only robbery, kidnappings etc on the highways and villages around the local with hundreds of reports at the Local Police station and even the state Police headquarters with no action taken until the death of Funke Olakunrin few days ago.

Daily watch findings confirmed that the herders who are about  a thousand and counting are said to have not just taken over the Government reserve but the reserve is merely base One of the over seven base they have inside the Ondo forest with their duties basically that of looting, Kidnapping and robbery.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that almost all the forest in Ondo now has thousand of Fulani headers controlling their portion which the label according to their leader with that of the government reserve area known as base one and housed about a thousand and more fully armed herders and fully also known to men of the Nigerian police as reports over time of robbery, killings ,kidnapping against them have severally been lodged with the police who had not deem it necessary to act until now that it involves the life of the leader of the Afeniferi.

Daily Watch Sources has it that almost all robbery on the Sagamu and Lagos express way are done by headers who most time hide their sophisticated guns inside the mats that are tied to their cows from whence they collect and rob after which they return same and pretended to be just cattle men.

Daily Watch spoke to the Ondo state Police PRO on the reported base  of Fulani militia at the government Reserve Area at Odigbo Local Government Area  who are suspected to be members of the killer crew that ended the life of Mrs. Funke Olakunrin, 58 year old daughter of the highly revered Afeniferi leader chief Reuben Fasoranti  and he confirmed hearing of same and the drafting of the Federal government  anti kidnapping team to  Kajola village in Odigbo Local Government area along Sagamu  to dismantle and arrest any involved.





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