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Herdsmen slaughter another 15 in Benue, clad in military uniform with assorted rifles



BENUE The Menace of headsmen in Benue State seem far from over if the recent onslaught in Sagher Council Ward in Guma Local Government area of Benue state yesterday Saturday is anything to act on.


Daily Watch discuss with eye witness confirmed that the headsmen who were all clad in full Military Uniforms and about twenty in numbers stormed the community burning houses and Shops while also shooting to kill any moving target they can lay their sight on.


The invaders who invaded Uzughui, Tseginde all in Saghar Council Ward in Guma Local Government Area of Benue State also bunt the House of Dr David Tsevende.

Daily Watch Spoke to Chief Teve Akase the Chief Press Secretary to Gov Ortom who almost in tears confirmed the new attack and called on the Federal Government and respected Nigerians to come to the aide of the Benue People before the heads kill everyone in the state.

The so called Criminal gang by the Presidency seem to be getting their acts of looting, killing and occupying lands of their victims to a higher level if what is happening all over the country and Benue, Taraba and now Ebonyi state is anything to go by.

Also, Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the headsmen general are far more coordinated than Nigerians thing as they keep upping their games and strategy to take over more lands and kill more people as possible.

This much came to light not just only  in Ebonyi state few days ago when two buses with Taraba Express written on it was arrested by men of the Nigerian Police Force known as the Operation Safe Highway but recent events all over the Country where the attackers these days are all not clad in their usual black robe but now  clad  on full Military Uniform to create a new Picture and a deceitful one that the attacks are not of the headsmen.

According to Daily Watch investigations, the Discovery of Military arms and uniform in two Toyota hummer Buses said to be bound for Taraba state along Abakiliki-Ogoja highway close to the spot where headsmen killed three farmers weeks back has given more credence to the belief that the headsmen have changed their killing Uniforms from Black to same as the Nigerian military.

The arrest of the Seven Fulanis which was quickly  and hurriedly denied by the Ebonyi state police Commissioner Titus Lamorde seem to be setting Tongues wagging as to why the Police Commissioner decision to lie over what everyone and even the state PRO of police   Loveth Odah confirmed.

While Many see it as part of the grand cover ups that the whole Fulani headsmen killings has become others see it as a mistake on the part of the state Commissioner of Police Titus Lamorde.

The  Seven headsmen who were said to have been taken to the state Police headquarters with over 16 military Rifles, charms, explosives sacks and several cartoons of live ammunitions seem to be singing a new Songs  and changing their stories like couched pupil as they are now claiming to be Nollywood actors heading to Taraba to shot movies, a new story said to have been released to the press by the Ebonyi State Police PRO but what the Police Commissioner and the PRO has not been able to tell Nigerians in the funny haste to exonerate the headsmen is how Nollywood actors can be with Military rifles, live ammunitions in cartons, charms etc and the said actors not known to any other group of Nollywood practitioners.

The stories in and around Ebonyi is that the headsmen have finally been released with their consignment on orders from above but while Daily Watch cannot confirm that as at the time of going to press, it can be confirmed that the State Police Commissioner and his PRO Titus Lamorde and Loveth Odah have much to explain in their hurried and churlish defense of the headsmen.


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