Home CRIME Herdsmen on rampage in Benue, massacre 35

Herdsmen on rampage in Benue, massacre 35



*Killing 52 in just Tuesday morning to evening.

BENUE-The notorious Fulani headsmen has hit at the People of Tiv nation again this time killing about 35 with several hundred still missing as the figure may rise  higher as the days go by.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the headsmen hit at the same Gwer Local government Area of Benue state where in the early hours of Tuesday they massacred two priest of the Catholic Church during 5am morning mass.

This time they did a repeat in the same Tuesday at 7pm storming another Community nearby called Mbadwem shooting and burning any and everything is sight.

Daily Watch Visit to the village was as shocking and as revealing as not one building was left standing by the headsmen that saw that every structure was bunt down totally.

The Attack which was carried out by abut fifty fully armed headsmen was as terrible to the eys as to the ears as corpses littered every part of the Mbadwem community.

Attempts to Speak to the State Police PRRO to put a word to the attack late Tuesday morning just some hours after the massacre of Christian worshippers and two Priest was not Possible as his lines were switched off.




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