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Herdsmen menace: IYC threatens deadly reprisal attack, if…



*As former IYC boss, Chris Ekiyor escapes herdsmen bullets in Delta



WARRI- National President of the Ijaw youths council world-wide led by Mr. Oweilaemi Pereotu Roland has said that the herdsmen would face a heavy consequence reprisal attack from the Ijaw people in Niger Delta, if they make any attempt to touch any Ijaw person, saying that the Ijaw areas in Niger Delta is surrounded by ocean and there is no ground for cattle colony.He also advocated  for a state police to provide security in all the states in the country.


Oweilaemi at the weekend made this disclosure in a press statement which copy was made available to Daily Watch in Warri, said ‘‘The growing security threats posed by the murderous herdsmen across the Country has inspired our call on the Government to implement the demands for the creation of State Police. If States are given power to have security apparatus to effectively carry out community policing, security threats such as herdsmen terrorism and other social vices in the various localities will be aggressively curbed.


‘‘Nigeria is ripe to practice true federalism as is the case with the US where we copied our federal system. More powers should be devolved to the components States for the sake of building a virile and strong federal system. The herdsmen are not supper humans. It is the lackluster of the security agencies in the Country to contain their criminal activities that are making them to be notorious for terrorizing innocent Nigerians.


‘‘The security agencies are by acts or omissions, encouraging the herders to kill Nigerians with impunity. Even when it is glaring that these internationally acknowledged terrorists group are bearing arms while grazing their cow, the Government has not taken any step to disarm them. No security agency has seen it unlawful for the Fulani herdsmen to roam the streets with dangerous weapons even as they are using the same weapons to commit genocide in Nigeria.


‘‘The recent failed attempt to kill our Former President, Dr. Chris Ekiyor is an attack on Ijaw nation. This is not the first attempt for the herders to turn the Ijaw land into a theater of war. Only last month, the same marauding criminals invaded Torugbene and Tamigbe communities in Burutu LGA of Delta State. IYC cannot condone any further attack on Ijaw people or our communities. We won’t sit idly by and allow these beasts in human form to commit genocide in our land. We will defend our people and our Lands.


‘‘As for the proposed cattle colony, our position is that the Ijaw nation is even not good for ranching not to talk of colony because our communities are waterlogged. Ijaw nation has no land. We only have marshy Lands of tropical and mangrove forests. Herdsmen should not come to our communities because they will not find grass to graze their cow. The only available space we have is the Atlantic Ocean. If the herders can graze in the sea then we can create colony for them in the high sea. We  warn that any further attack on Ijaw sons and daughters or our waterlogged communities will be met with dare consequences’’ he warned.




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