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Herdsmen in gun battle with men of Nigerian police



              *Nguchi community a theatre of war as police flee battle field over superior weapons with herdsmen


   BENUE-The directive by the President to the Inspector General of police to relocate to Benue so as to help put a stop to the unrelenting Mayetti Allahs Foot soldiers-the herdsmen seem like using a bottle of soft drink to put out an inferno if the game playing out is anything to judge.

Daily Watch visit to  Nguchi Community a suburb of Kadarko town  where over seven Tiv farmers were killed in cold blood by the rampaging herdsmen was a sorrow sight as the whole area was like a theatre of War as evidence by the pellets of weapons of battle all over the community which was traced to the battle between men of the Nigerian Police force and the Herdsmen who were said to be on rampage in the community which is almost a border town between Benue and Nasarawa state.

The herdsmen who were said to have hit the community killing seven farmers according to the death toll by the Nigerian Police but which was said to be much more by few leaders of the communities around were said to have returned again but this time met stiff resistance of men of the Nigerian police Force who were said to be on ground after the first killings.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the herdsmen who were said to be fully armed engaged the men of Nigerian police Force in gun exchange for several hours before the Police retreated as the calibre of weapons on the side of the herdsmen who lost few men like the Police was said to be powerful.

Speaking to the Public Relation Officer of the Nigerian Police in Nasarawa Idirisu Kennedy, he confirmed the killing of seven farmers and the gun duel between men of the Nigerian Police Force and the unrelenting criminal gang cum Fulani herdsmen


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