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Herdsmen go on rampage again in Taraba; Kill 25 people in one attack



TARABA-   The so called Criminal gang by the Presidency but popularly called Fulani headsmen seems to be getting more and more daring in their attack and operations despite assurances and re assurances of the President and all the service Chiefs in the country.


Just Thursday, the notorious Criminal gang according to the Presidency launched a ferocious attack on Jandelkyule community in Wukali Local government Area of Taraba state and as usual leaving tears, blood and corpses in their trail.

Daily watch findings confirmed that the headsmen who came in a very large numbers  at about 7pm on Thursday wielding their trade mark AK 47 riffles started a killing and burning spree in the community before any ne could say headsmen and at the end of their reign over 25 corpses were discovered with several people still missing not knowing if they are dead r alive as at the time of this report.

Daily Watch spoke to the Chairman of the Local Government Area Grace Adi who totally confirmed the attack which she described as vicious, wicked, unprovoked and babaric.

Daily Watch also spoke  the former Youth Chairman of Jandelkyule community Mr. Agbo Luka who also confirmed the attack which he described as painful and disheartening taking into consideration that nobody had any alteration with the headsmen before the terrible attack which he claimed left over 30 persons dead.

In the word of Luka the ex Youth President of Jandelkyule ‘’the herdsmen who were all wielding brand new AK 47 riffles stormed our community around 7pm shooting, killing and burning houses while shouting in their native Fulani language to be fast6 about their killings so as to leave and by the time they truly left over 30 corpses were left behind by them with several others still unaccounted for”.

Daily Watch Spoke to the Spokes person of the Nigerian police in Taraba State David Misal who confirmed the story but refused to give exact figure of the casualties as according to him ,he is yet to get the exact figure and details from his men on the field.


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