Home CRIME Herdsmen fresh attack in Benue community, scores killed, houses razed, others missing

Herdsmen fresh attack in Benue community, scores killed, houses razed, others missing



                *Hundreds missing and over 200 persons now homeless.

                  *Over 20 houses, farms razed to the ground as Military was nowhere to be found



  BENUE-The Reported influx of herdsmen back into Benue State with the Coming of the Military and under the watchful eyes of the military despite the existence of an anti-grazing law in the state seem to be creating more problem in the state as   the herdsmen has stormed another community called Tse Sumaks and Tse Atorough Vishigh in Mbadwen council Ward of Guma Local Government Area of Benue State.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that the herdsmen who were highly armed with assorted weapons stormed the communities late Saturday in a commando style shooting and hitting anything in sight. They were said to be dressed in total black and shouting their normal axiom of Allah Akber while routing everything moving in sight burning and shouting.

An eye witness that spoke to Daily Watch Mr.sheebi Adrai said that the herdsmen came from all direction shooting everything and everywhere in the communities. According to him ‘’The herdsmen were all dressed in black apparel and armed with diverse sophisticated weapons and storming the communities from all angles shooting and shouting in their native dialects”

At the end of the herdsmen siege over 20 houses was been burnt with thousands of hectares of farm land totally destroyed, several deaths recorded , about 200 people  homeless and many more still missing.

This new attack which is the 2nd in the two weeks since the Military launched their Operation Cat race is as confusing and as shocking as the Fulanis inspite of the Military presence are still doing what they know best, killing, looting and burning forcing many Benue indigenes to ask if truly the Military are in the state to safe guard the people.

Attempts to reach out to the Benue State Commissioner for information Lawrence Onoja Jnr was not possible as at the time of this report so also was series of calls to the State Police PRO Moses Yamu whose lines were also not going through.



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