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Herdsmen fighting Numans goes about with full military uniform



*Fired Air force Alfa EC 135 jets with rockets

*Has over 2,000 armed Troops on ground clad in black in the battle


PLATEAU-The War inclined herdsmen but Land grabbing  jihadist according to the People of Plateau  state but popularly labeled as Criminal gang by
the Nigerian Govt., seemed to have upped their antics in operations
with the shooting of a Nigerian Air force jets days ago.

The terror group whom the Adamawa State Secretary to the Govt.,
defended and  likened to Police men carrying Arms to Protect their
Bullion van seem to be getting bolder and bolder every  passing day
more likely from the defense they have been getting from the Federal
Government that sees them as mere criminal gang or from  that of the
Adamawa Secretary to the  state Government that sees and likened their
weapon carrying antics to that of Nigerian policemen carrying Arms to
protect cash as they have increased their arsenals from  Ak 47 rifles
to much more higher dimensions and rocket launchers if what transpired
days ago in the Adamawa -Numan /Fulani battle field were the herdsmen
fired rockets on Air force crafts is anything to judge.

The herdsmen who were said to be in their thousands all dressed in
total black like the popular Arab fighters were said to be moving with
several cows in disguise and heading towards the Numan position.

According to Daily Watch investigations the herdsmen running into over
two thousand said to have been recruited from diverse Fulani villages,
states and towns within and outside Nigeria for the Adamawa battle
were said to be armed with Rocket Launchers, sophisticated Russian
assault rifles and several modern Military headgear and in midst of
several cows which they use as decor to hide their weapons and intent.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the so called  Criminal gang
who were battle prepared for serious War  and heading to communities
in   Numan and Demsa LGA  of Adamawa state  before they were  jolted
by the low flying air force Alfa  jet bomber EC 135 on surveillance
flight  .

The Herdsmen were said not to have wasted anytime in firing rocket
launchers and other military like weapons on the EC !35 bomber jet
prompting the pilots to fire warning shots which  disperse the
herdsmen  briefly from their attempts to bring down the Military
aircraft.According to Daily Watc investigations a lot of damage had
been done in Numan already by the said gunmen before the fighter jet
moved in.

Daily Watch spoke to a top airforce officer on the scene of the
Herdsmen onslaughts and he not only confirmed the story but said that
the herdsmen were just deadly and real warriors as against the
criminal gang they were taken for. According to him “’A lot of damage
had been done by the vicious herdsmen who are out for total war and
armed with word class weapons. We actually caught the gunmen doing
more damage and they needed to be stopped, so we fired warning shots
ahead of them as they were with vast number of cows and they moved the
cows under shed as they set more building s on fire”

Daily Watch attempts to reach the  air force spokes person AVM
Adesanya was successful as he confirmed that the NAF aircraft sighted
a large number of hoodlums. According to him “”…..the hoodlums were
mostly dressed in black and were obviously causing mayhem, the whole
idea was that the aircraft flew at a low passage to cause the hoodlums
to disperse”’

What the spokesman AVM Adesanyan refused to state categorically was
that those he called hoodlums and who fired at the jet were actually
herdsmen armed to the fullest and not mere hoodlums as he opts to
label that.


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