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Herdsmen more daring, vow to take over Taraba, Benue states



             *Ask state Governors to expect maximum damage, destruction and killings.

           *Federal government, military keeps mute in spite of notification.


TARABA-Just when Nigerians are thinking the issue of herdsmen killing and bloodletting would be for once tackled squarely by the Buhari led government the herdsmen seem to be getting more daring.

Daily Watch investigations just confirmed that the fears of attack in Taraba by herdsmen seem actually a fact after all as the herdsmen themselves are said to have dispatched messages to communities and the state Government about their coming to the state in the coming days.

The herdsmen who came out boldly to intimate the governor via letters and fliars are said to have vowed to bring blood to the eyes of the people of the state over the enactment of the anti grazing laws and their opposition to open grazing.

Confirming this days ago during a press conference the Governor of the state said that information had really reached him that the herdsmen are to strike in the next ten days and specifically ask the state governor to prepare for bloodbath and that this information he had passed to the Military,  police and the Presidency but has not seen any semblance of the federal Government action plan to protect the People.

In the Words of the State Governor ‘’Rumors of helicopter dropping arms was heard and now the herdsmen are said to be coming in the next ten days to do what they know best loot, destroy and kill and this whole information and whatever we have passed to the army, police and Federal Government though we are yet to see any response as way of security on ground to prevent the plot by the herdsmen’’

Daily watch investigations confirmed a build-up of tension all around the state as the days ticks as the people look on with apprehension with nothing on ground in terms of security to ward of the herdsmen if and when they fulfill their vow despite series of information sent to the Federal Government and all Military position on the planned attack.

Attempt to speak to the spokes person of the Federal Government on the new threat on the state of Taraba by herdsmen was not responded to even with the sending of several text messages to the phone.



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