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Herbal Joint: Treating Low Sperm Count with Local Remedy 11, with Dr.Amromabor


In one of our past editions we gave out eat but very fast way to
check, treat and curb the menace of low sperm count which has become
one of the notorious cause of infertility amongst many a family in
Nigeria and has also led to the breakup of many other wise lovely
affinity and marriages.

Today we will look at the second   common local but highly effective
way to treat the menace of Low sperm count and increase libido+++.

1)A cup of raw ground nut

2) Some quantities of Bryophileum leaves

3) One liter of fresh palm wine

Before food in the morning the about forty to fifty seeds of the
raw ground nut should be eaten with the  soft shaft (what many call
coverings that people remove and blow away) and about seven to ten leaves of
bryophilium leave be eaten with at least two to three glasses of the
palm wine and repeated every other day for one week

At the end of a week the man can mate with the wife and if she is in
her fertility phase then pregnancy must occur, note the rate of Libido
for the man would also greatly increase as he would want sex far above
what he was use to and may be in that state for close to a month
before the urge for sex reduces as the treatment is also an effective
cure for man with low sexual libido too.

Readers’ response would be appreciated.

Next we would give out herbs that works wonders for the treatment of
Kidney, liver, ulcer and others at a faster rate than any other ever




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