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Helarious! Nigerian military quick to arrest IPOB members, armed militia,but herdsmen go free




         *Who are they really fooling and protecting.


‘‘Why is it that we are quick to hear of the prowess and magical feat of the Military and the DSS when it has to do with Cattle Rustlers, Militias to battle herdsmen etc but  in case of the over two thousand armed herdsmen parading the middle belt, shooting at Air force Helicopters etc not a single arrest, is it that the herdsmen are now spirits?.Buhari and the Military should stop fooling themselves thinking they are fooling Nigerians”.

This is vintage General  Maxwell Udoh, a social  Critic, public analyst and a militant responding to the arrest of some Ethnic Militia in Benue state by the Nigeria Military days ago after his prediction of the Nigeria Government ploy to deploy the Military to check the Benue people from blocking and facing the Fulani herdsmen in the language they herdsmen understand better.

Udoh who  bares his mind without a care for the consequences praised Olusegun Obasanjo not for his advice to Buhari not to go for 2019 but for  confirming the fact that Buhari is merely a pretender clad in the robe of a patriot, an anti corruption fighter and fearless, attributes he garnered during the Idiagbon /Buhari Military regime where Idiagbon attributes were sheepishishly  annexed by Buhari the great tribalist and blatant weakling.

In the words of General Udoh “’personally the man Obasanjo is a great anathema but this time from whatever angle you choose to x-ray his letter to Buhari he is on point because he truly confirms the fact the robe of saint, patriot etc wrapped around Buhari were merely the robe of Late Tunde Idiagbon who was the Deputy to Buhari in their Draconic Military Regime. Buhari in his true color is an unrepentant tribalist, a weakling, half baked education wise and totally a pretender and this all Obasanjo letter lucidly exposes’’.

The Militant leader also have harsh words for the Nigeria Military which he described as total partisan and painfully destroying the little respect they had left with their support for the Fulani herdsmen on the instructions of who ever. He wondered how a military that find it so easy to pick killer cultist/kidnappers in Rivers, within hours arrest Benue Militia and get all details of the Operations, get Cattle rustlers in Zamfara and others but for over three years has not been able to get a single herdsman arrested in spite of the numerous Safe Haven they have in place in the whole North Central and yet the Fulanis keep having a field day.

According to Udoh ‘’Why is it easy and fast for the Military to excel in other issues like rivers Kidnapping and cult war, Cattle Rustling in Nigeria, Arrest within hours of Benue Militias set up to fight the Fulanis but for over three years can’t get a single herdsman arrested in spite of all their so called operation safe Haven and whatever in the Middle belt where the herdsmen operate with reckless abalone”

Udoh described Nigerians who still see Buhari as a clean man as mere daft in the midst of all the many stories of outright stealing going on in every facets of the life of this administration from PINE, School Feeding looting, NNPC/Buhari subsidy scam, re looting of looted funds, NIIA loots name them.

In his words “I only pity some Nigerians who still classify this President as a saint when in fact he sits atop the most corrupt administration in the history of Nigeria and in every facets of his government. From NNPC contracts, NNPC Subsidy scam, PINE scam, School Feeding scam, NIIA Scam, secret Employment, Nepotic employment, promotion of clannish, Nepotism  and Islamic agenda, promotion of mediocrity  just name it. He is much more corrupt than any Nigerian President’’.

‘’Buhari had a plan in mind before coming to power ,he knows all the Fulani game plans or how else do you explain Fulanis heading all the Security top Positions in Nigeria? How do you explain the DSS and Police attributing killings accepted by Mayetta Allah to ISIS and communal clash? How do you explain the fact that no notable northern elder, ACF etc has come out to speak against the Genocide but they fast to label repelling of herdsmen Genocide against Fulanis in Taraba. How come till date the Emirs that are Patrons has not come out to call the herdsmen to order. How come Helicopters still drop arms in Adamawa and Taraba for the herdsmen het the DSS, Air Force don’t see? It is simply because it is a n=known and well fashioned plot by the Elders and Fulani leaders”.

The militant leader said that the game is over for Buhari and any state that allows a Colony in their land should be ready in the next ten years to fight a new war. ‘’this time it would not be called  an attack by herdsmen because  the land is now theirs, it would be called a communal fight in your own land were  the Fulanis already would be living with their own Seriki and shockingly may be graded higher than your own traditional ruler in terms of Traditional hierarchy  as that is the whole aim of the COLONY picking land and spread for the herdsmen  for the future or don’t you hear of a Gambari as head in Kwara State traditional hierarchy, in a Yoruba Land where he the  real and genuine Traditional Ruler has been relegated to the floor?. Or the recent Seriki of Bwari in the land of Bwari owned by the Gbagys’’   General Udoh added.

He lambasted the Minister of Defense excuse for Fulani killings which the minister traced to the ant grazing law and asked the Minister to explain the killins that predated the laws, the ones going on in Kaduna, Nassarawa and even Adamawa that has no grazing law yet.

General Udoh sees all playing out as a confirmation that the Federal Government indeed knows all about the herdsmen acts and killings as instead of arresting killers they are giving excuses for the killers and by so telling Nigerians to kill once any law is not favorable to them.

According to him ,” From NIGERIA defense minister stand point let Nigerians kill whenever any law is does nt apple to their interest since the Fulanis are killing because of the anti grazing laws, but what the daft minister had not told us Nigerians that  they classify as fools with their many stories of ISIS by DSS, Communal clashes by IG is if the anti grazing laws out their lies because they see us all as fools and they who are the fools as wise. exist in the EAST where herdsmen kill, In Kogi, Adamawa etc or the burning of Olu Falare Farm is because of Anti Grazing too?. what about in Ogun state?. It is just that when this Fulanis heading our Security lies they don’t think at all before giving


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