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Has the military coming stop the killings in Benue?, General Maxwell Udoh explodes




*Until Benue People resist the so called herdsmen and defend their land they would soon be Slaves


*Instead of arresting Killer Jihadist cum  herdsmen they are looking for grazing routes, shouting for peace, can there be Peace without justice?



“The Benue elders and Gov are either confused or still playing Politics with the killings in Benue state. They shouted for Soldiers and soldiers came but with herdsmen influx, they wanted the President Visit and he came yet in all these visits the killings rages on and on, may be this time Ortom and Benue elders and Leaders would ask God to come down to save them from the hands of their killers, jihadist and genocidal beast who want nothing but their land, ancestral home and their own Emir over the Benue Territory. If Benue People  don’t understand then let them  go ask Kwara indigenes how a Gambari seats as their traditional head’’

It’s with this short but adroit statement that the ever vocal, blunt, social critic and Militant leader Maxwell Udoh commenced his non-stop call on the people of Benue State to Defend themselves against the herdsmen as the Government, the Military and even the International Community can not and would not help them as the so called herdsmen are on just a simple mission, a well coordinated  ploy to seize and control the Land of the Tivs in Particular and the North Central in General which they believe is theirs.

According to the Ferocious leader of the New Bakkasi Strike Force (NBSF),the Government is merely deceiving the people of the North Central and the Benue people in particular with looking for peace and creating measures to stop the attack as the government and the Military is not willing and cannot be willing to stop the herdsmen or cant Nigerians and Benue people see what is happening in Plateau in spite of the Presence of the Operation Safe Haven yet the land of the people remain unsafe with tales of connivance  between the military and the herdsmen every other week and with none stop killings over the years of the people in the North Central.

In his Words ‘’Ortom and Benue elders and leaders have been shouting for the Military even when they know the Military would not help them in anyway, today they have the Military are the killings not ongoing? Are the herdsmen not returning in Droves with the Military Presences? Even with the President coming and going has it solved any of their problems? Until they take their destiny in their hands and defend themselves the herdsmen would chase them and subjugate them and eventually install their Emir in their own Land as in the case of Bwari in Abuja and Kwara state where a Gambari seats as head of their traditional stool. Their attack is for the land or didn’t they tell the People of Mbatoha Island of Benue when they attacked? Like I said before and keep repeating, the whole North Central would one day fall under the Fulani Control if they fail to rise up and take their Destiny in their hands or don’t they see that all lands vacated by the original inhabitants are taken over by the herdsmen and live in there till date? Has the Nigerian Military chased them out? Don’t they know that the herdsmen inhabit the land? Yet they are for peace, can you have peace in the absence of Justice? How many herdsmen had been arrested in the whole North Central by the Nigerian Military for this Genocidal attacks that is none stop over the years? None but yet there live and occupy  the same land they send the inhabitants packing. Are Nigerians not surprised?.How can you say a president visited Plateau and the next day the killings went on, visited Benue and blamed the IG and yet can’t sack him and the killings ongoing. Ortom and his people are just been cowardly and if they remain so I pity them”

 The Fiery Militant leader laugh at the IG and President relocation story which all Nigerians are feasting on while the herdsmen killing still goes on as if the IG presence would have put a stop to the whole herdsmen killing, he likened the President Visit, Military Presence and Inspector General query as mere game plan, looking for a fall guy while people in Benue, Middle Belt are dying in their Numbers.

He asked why the President was fast to put on the Military Camouflage to the North when herds men were been killed and cow thieves/rustlers making life difficult for the herdsmen and within days the rustlers were all killed but today, humans in Benue, North Central are dying and the President is talking of an IG not obeying or obeying as if that would have altered the killings in any way.

According to the Fiery and Outspoken Militant ‘’A charade is been played on Nigerians while the killings go on or was it not the same President we heard warning Governors in FEC meet to stop blocking or building on grazing routes? meaning the President does not see the killings as an issue but rather the blocking of the Fulani herdsmen route as the most important to address in a FEC meet, is it not funny or telling Nigerians or even Ortom who was in that meet about  something? But again I asked if the Killings in Ebonyi State and other Eastern States also have to do with the same blocking of Grazing Routes?’’.

‘’Like have said and would keep saying until the so called Benue Youths and Leaders sits up, set up their own Security outfit like the Civilian JTF, the Sharia Police and the  Niger Delta Avengers to defend themselves and kill any killer herdsmen that is armed or attacking Villages, Communities or People in their domain they would not be free from death row and killing fields in the hands of the so called herdsmen, watch my words or didn’t I tell Ortom then that crying for  Soldiers or to Government and  even to high heavens would not help him, today has the  Govt., or the Military he (Ortom) dressed in Uniform Smiling in joy with saved his People?”.

‘’The Military Commanders in operation Cat Race, the government in place  in Abuja now and the herdsmen all understand the rhythm of the drum beat apart from the Benue People who remain deaf to the  sound and direction of the beat and blind to the reality of the beat for which I sympathies with them but sooner we would hear of more attack and the whole charades, cry, government doing something would be heard again and again with not one single soul arrested for murder. Funny or are those the Gov Claimed he knows as their attackers all dead? So why is no one talking of arresting, court trial and justices for those killed but  instead we hear of Grazing routes blocking, Grazing reserves , peace on top of injustices, querying Inspector General and even more insultingly asking Govs to build Ranches for business men before Anti Grazing Laws can be implemented from the Government. How much of Taxes do these herdsmen pay to these states and Nigeria even? Very funny indeed or have you asked yourself how many got killed in the EAST before IPOB was proscribe and classified as a terrorist group and the Military sent in for the kill? But here killers, genocidal jihadists are called CRIMINAL GANG and proscription not an option not even arrest or prosecution of killer herdsmen and even laws against their evil acts not even implemented by the Police or the Military’’



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