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Hard Tackle: Tinubu on deft political maneuvers to kick out Ambode of ministerial list

Tunibu and Ambode


By Lucky Ojigbo

Despite the overwhelming tales from diverse sources close to e Presidency of Ex Lagos State governor Akinwunmi Ambode making the lit of president Mohammadu Buhari over his stoic silence and refusal to jump ship over the treatment meted out to him by the APC the man’ name might still miss the list  except for divine intervention.

Daily watch Sources in the Presidency has confirmed that the Ex Governor’s name which is conspicuously present in the list for Ministerial Nominee from Lagos may be dropped if the massive pressure and fight by the strong man of Lagos Politics Bola Tinubu is heeded to by the President.

Daily watch Sources has it that Bola has vehemently opposed the appointment of Ambode into any kind of Federal Appointment despite serious plea from El-Rufai and several other top APC Chieftains that the man need been compensated for his loyalty despite what was done to him in the APC Primaries in Lagos state at a time when everyone was leaving for the PDP.

Daily watch Sources has it that Bola  who now domiciled in Abuja even as at yesterday was still bent on seeing  Ambode out of the list for someone of his own choice since according to him Lagos  is His own Locale and he would not be pleased to see someone that he doesn’t approve of making the Ministerial list as harped last year when Fashola was forced into the Lagos state list as a minister thereby almost making him a very power figure in the South west by virtue of the portfolios handed over to him if not for divine intervention he would have usurped his powers and control in Lagos.

Daily watch frantic effort to reach out to Akinwunmi Ambode whose Ministerial position is been backed by several Northern leaders like El-Rufai, Mohammadu Buhari himself and several others  for his loyalty to party was not possible as he is said to have remained mute since he left office choosing not to banter words with anyone or all working against him.






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