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Grumblings,murmuring in NIA over 44 billion dollars



           *Money is being shared and looted- concerned NIA Staff

           *Blatant lie, the money is intact and safe-DG


ABUJA- Tensions, murmurings and grumbling seem to be the exact words to describe the state of affairs in the Nation top most spy agency the Nigerian Intelligence Agency (NIA) not just over the unqualified status of the present DG but the state of the over 44 billion Dollars in the NIA that led to the removal, fleeing and going into hiding   of the ex DG Mohammed Daudu for his refusal to share the cash with several presidential officers.

Daily Watch investigations in Abuja confirmed that all is not well in the NIA presently as the present docile peace in the heat of grumblings, murmurings and tension seem like that of the grave yard situation.

Daily Watch investigations also confirmed that several of the top and well trained officers in the NIA are presently not putting in their best for the fact that an unqualified DG who has not only failed his promotion Examinations over three times was promoted and made DG over the several qualified officers who had passed the promotion examinations in flying grades and undergone several trainings and courses but for the single fact that the new DG superimposed is suspected not to be a Nigerian and has already commenced the depletion of the 44 billion Dollars said to be in the NIA custody for which the former DG Mohammed Daudu was sacked for by those in the Presidency over his refusal to share the money amongst them in a fixed ratio.

According to some insiders Osagie  Nosakiare, Mammud Ibrahim and Oluwale shedrack ( real names withheld) the new Dg has surreptiously commenced the disbursement of the 44 billion Dollars in the NIA custody in a very innocuous manner thereby fulfilling the reason for his  posting and appointment into the NIA.

Daily Watch foray in to the NIA confirmed hire powered games going on in the Nations Spy Agency that would see the eventual complete wipe out of the 44 million left behind by Ayoola Oke and which resulted in the sack of Mohammed Daudu for his refusal to loot and share among top presidency officers as he rightly explained during the Senate Investigating hearings several months back for which a committee headed by Kingibe Babaganna was set up with the new DG as member to remove him and make the new DG Ahmed Rufai who was a member of that Kingibe Panel the DG.

According to insiders, the 44 million Dollars has started growing wings and if not checked and fast too would be totally cleared by the New DG and his clique in the  Presidency  that brought him in for  that simple purpose faster than Nigerians imagined.

Daily Watch had to reach out to the Spokesman of the new DG who totally denied the story and classify it as mere moonlight tales from the pit of hell but the concerned staffers insisted that the 44 billion Dollars has been decimated greatly and called for urgent investigations to expose the looting before it gets too late.




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