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Grumbling, rumbling over recent promotion in Nigerian Police

IGP,Ibrahim Idris


         *As accusations of inducements, Connections and others determine those promoted.


IGP. Ibrahim Idris

ABUJA-That the Nigerian police through the Police Service Commissions which is in charge of the Promotion, Discipline etc of the Senior cadre of the Nigerian Police released a list of Senior police officers who according to the Commissions are due for upliftment is no more News but the news is the serious discontent, grumbling, rumbling and total disenchantment the list has created in the Force.

Daily Watch team in Abuja was recently inundated with tales of sordid and serious infractions and absurd way that those promoted were selected and picked by the Police Service commission which is totally against all lid down norms in the Police Force.

According to many of those who discussed with the Daily Watch team, the promotion exercise was simply a charade by the Police Service team to do the bidding of some set men in the Force and in power by uplifting ad promoting the wards to higher position while leaving those who should have gotten the promotion in the floor for either not able to cough out the fixed sun to buy their promotion or not having a Godfather like the Police PPRO Moshood Lawal to speak for them before the Chairman of the Police service Commision Retired IG Mike Okiro.

According to our Sources over eighty percent of those that scaled the promotion were those who were able to cough out a whooping 500 thousand and above to  the Relation of the President who is said to have been involved in an audio expose with the Police service Boss not quite long.

According to our Sources, this young man who himself is a senior police officer attached to the President and a Cousins to the President played a major role in over 80 percent f those that were lucky to scale the promotion either via personal contact and through some kind of financial inducement to the said officer who in turn is said to have met with the police service boss to put inn words for those on his personal list which is made up of those who were able to meet his own terms.

Though Daily Watch or our Sources cannot confirm if the so called financial inducement got to the top as in the Police Service Commission but it can be confirmed that many of those who got the promotion got it either via payment of some specific amount or through the influence of people o power to the detriment of merit and the original people are qualified for promotion there by creating a tension that is very palpable in the police force in General.

Already, a total disenchantment is said to be pervading the top hierarchy of the Nigerian police as a result of the powers of certain officers to influence promotions of others as a result of their influence and closeness by virtue of consanguinity to those in power in the country.

Daily watch attempts to reach out to the chairman Police Service commission retired Inspector General of police Mike Okiro or his spokesperson  on the influence of a relations of the president on the recently released promotion list was not possible as at the time of this report.


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