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Group wants Mayetti Allah leaders in Benue arrested


BENUE- That the Benue State anti-grazing law seem the Magic wand that has
created uncommon peace in the state seem   a fact after all as
confirmed by the overwhelming support from every segment of the state.

This much was attested to days ago when several groups in the state
rose with one voice to not only back the law as the final solution to
the crisis in the state but vowed to do everything humanly possible to
see that the anti-grazing law succeed in Benue State no matter the
height or level of those who want to oppose it.


The groups who spoke in one voice confirmed the Uniqueness of the law
which is strictly the answer to the menace of herdsmen farmers war
over the past years and for which several panels, talk show, talk
shop and meetings had been held without successor stoppage  to the

The group which comprise the Mdzough-U-tive.the Idoma Nation Forum and
the Omi Ny’’Igede have all come out to not just embrace and support
the law but praise the Benue government for thinking out of the box to
create a piece of law that has solved a monumental problem that has
taken over two thousand lives in less than three years.

The Group who spoke through their spokesperson Edward Ujege called on
the Federal government to quickly arrest some members of the Mayitti
Allah  who before and  after the signing of the law has been calling
for violence over the law.

They classified the spokesman of the Mayiti Allah Association in
Benue state Kautai Hore as a man that hates peace and one that had
been calling for violence as such need been arrested before he turns
the state into a battle field with his utterances and open support for
war that’s if the said Kautai is not above the laws of the Land.

According to the group the law had finally put a stop to the killings
in the whole of Benue in which in less than three years had over 95
billion naira worth of properties and 500 people still missing till

According to them “”the anti-grazing law has brought relative peace to
Benue as such men like  Kautai Hore ,spokesman of the Mayite Allah
should and must be arrested immediately  except the Federal government
sees him as above the laws of the land for not just his hate speeches
but his call to violence over the anti-grazing laws of Benue state, a
state which before now has had over half a million people displaced by
the herdsmen attacks with over two thousand dead, nine thousand
displaced and properties worth over 95 billion naira destroyed in the
last three years cutting across 14 out  of the 23 local government
areas in Benue state in 40 attacks’’

Continuing the group vows to do all humanly possible to stand by the
anti-grazing law which they see as the best antidote for peace,
According to them ‘’we are prepared to see that each and every aspect
of the anti-grazing law of Benue state succeeds no matter the level,
age or status  or position of whoever opposes it in Nigeria’’.


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