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Group queries  Olu of Warri visit to Ogbe-Ijoh kingdom for breaking protocols

Pere of Ogbe-Ijoh Kingdom and Olu of Warri

By Esther Eugene, Warri

Nigert Delta scholars have queried the Olu of Warri visit to Ijaw enclave without recourse to Ogbe-Ijoh monarch.

A group under the aegis of Niger Delta Scholars has queried the visit of the Itsekiri Monarch, Ogiame Atuwatse iii to Ijaw enclave in Miller Waterside Warri which the group described as braking of protocol.


The group noted that ordinarily, it was supposed to be thing of commendation for the Itsekiri Monarch to deem it fit to pay sympathy visit to Ijaw people in the Miller area of Warri town who lost their properties during the fire incident of Wednesday 3rd August, 2022.

However, Niger Delta Scholars frowned at and condemn the breach of protocol by the Itsekiri Monarch and said since the revered Monarch of the Itsekiri nation acted disdainfully without regard of His Royal Majesty the Pere of Ogbe-ijoh Kingdom of Warri South-West Area of Delta State who own the Milla Waterside was an act of transgression .

“it is provocative, without following the protocol of either paying a visit to the Ogbe-Ijoh Monarch or informing him of the visit to his domain. The Itsekiri Traditional Stool is a respected one and ought to known this simple protocol demand.”

“We know as a fact that the Itsekiri Monarch and his people would not take it lightly if the Pere of Ogbe-Ijoh Warri Kingdom decides to visit the Itsekiri people of Ifie town in Warri South Local Government Area who suffered from a fire inferno recently without informing the Monarch. The proper thing that the Itsekiri Monarch ought to do was to visit or inform the Pere of Ogbe-Ijoh Warri Kingdom as his neighbouring Traditional Ruler of his intention to pay sympathy visit to his subjects and other residents who lost their properties to the fire incident rather than going to visit the subjects without notice to the Ogbe-Ijoh Traditional Council”.

“The Ogbe-Ijoh people consider the visit of the Itsekiri Monarch to the territory of the Pere of Ogbe-Ijoh Warri Kingdom in Warri township without observing protocol as an extension of the Itsekiri expansionist agenda. We have observed with keen interest the deliberate attempt by the present Itsekiri Monarch to renew the Itsekiri expansionist agenda which resulted into needless war in Warri in the past”


Niger Delta Scholars also note with dismay the role of some Ijaw traditional Chiefs, and businessmen in the Miller, NPA area to partake this questionable act saying that it was expected for they to properly guide the young Itsekiri Monarch on the protocol to follow during such visits.

The Delta Scholars forum lamented that these Ijaw Chiefs failed to do so and instead took the Itsekiri Monarch on tour round the properties destroyed by the fire incident in utter disrespect to the Ogbe-Ijoh Warri Traditional Institution. “We wish to warn such characters to have a rethink about their treacherous attitude to Ogbe-Ijoh matters in Warri township. The Ogbe-Ijoh Warri Kingdom has taken note of their anti Ogbe-Ijoh activities in the Ogbe-Ijoh areas in Warri metropolis and would soon wield the big stick against them”, the forum vowed.


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