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Group declares ‘independent state’ from Ghana

Ghana President, Nana Akofo Addo

By Elvis Adjetey

A group of Ghanaians from Ghana’s Volta region on Saturday announced that it was seceding from the country.

Members of the group called “Homeland Study Group Foundation” had for years now been pushing for a break away region.


Ghanaian officials have been battling with the group whose members reside in a region previously called the British Togoland.

The secessionist group said its declaration affects parts of the Northern, North East and Upper East Regions of Ghana.


The declaration was greeted with jubilation from some residents who whisked their leader to an unknown location shortly after.

Aggrieved residents of this territory claim the processes that led to their merger with the then Gold Coast now Ghana were flawed.

They also claim that the Volta region lacked needed development hence the need to be an independent country on its own.

 Police in Ghanain May this year arrested eight of the group’s members, accusing them of attempting to declare an independent state out of Ghana.

But in a quick ceremony, the group’s leader said some of them in the region no longer recognize themselves as Ghanaians.

The government is yet to react to this report of seceding and there are no signals of any arrests of these persons anytime soon.

Ghana’s Volta region previously known as the British Togoland is a historical landscape.

In 1922, British Togoland, now Ghana, was formally placed under British rule while French Togoland, now Togo was placed under French rule.

There has been no major dispute to this arrangement until now when the Homeland Study Group Foundation group called for a split.

According to Africa Feeds investigations in Ghana, the agitations have persisted for many years but dominated media discussions from 2016.

Group defends action

The convener of the Homeland Study Group, Charles Kormi Kudjordjie had previously told Africa Feeds that the entire process towards merging the British Togoland in 1956 was flawed and illegal saying that the Volta region must stand on its own.

He said “a good child born by her parents should decide to be on his own, see to his children, do everything so that he doesn’t permanently become a burden on his parents.

That’s a good child, but a lazy one decides to be there forever. We are grown and can do our own thing so we want to be on our own. Ghana cannot be our father, our mother, no.”

 Source: Africafeeds.com



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