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Group commends Urhobo militants counter threat against Ijaw militants




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WARRI-The national coordinator of Urhobo Grassroot Democratic and Positive Agenda, Comrade Champion Eyakagba has commended members of the Save Urhobo Nation Movement (SUNM) and the Urhobo Liberation Front (ULF) over their support for Aladja community when some Ijaw militant groups threatened to unleashed mayhem on facilities of oil servicing companies in the Niger Delta if the Delta state government dare share the disputed land between Ogbe-Ijoh and Aladja communities on equal ratio.   


Eyakagba who made this known in a statement, alleged that it was the prompt response of the Urhobo militant groups that made the Ijaw militants to jettison their plan to wipe out Aladja, Epame and Ayama communities from the map of Delta state.


He enjoined the Urhobo militants to match every word with actions, adding that the gentle movement of a Tiger does not imply timidity or cowardice. “Urhobos are known to be law abiding people but will not hesitate to fight back if pushed to the wall”, he said.


Eyakagba thanked Governor Ifeanyi Okowa for the relief materials brought to alleviate the plight of the people of Ayama and Epame communities who lost their houses and farm lands to the marauder militants of Isaba and Okotomu and their allies.


While pleading for the state government to urgently settle the issue between Aladja and Okotomu communities whom he claimed their grandfather gave land to occupy in 1906, Eyakagba advised Urhobo youths not to be deceived into war with Aladja by Ijaw youths in the guise of giving them employment in oil servicing companies offshore.


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