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GRANT LOOT: Saint Buhari pays over $40million for $10million Tucano Aircraft



*Presidency and officers rushed payments to avoid due process and secrets

*Lied about rushed payments to get jet for War on Boko Haram as jets to come in 2020.

*President Rush meets with Saraki, Dogara to stop N/A investigations.

*a total of 30 times 12 million Dollars Padded into payments and stolen under Buhari’s Watch

ABUJA- The secrecy and unapproved withdrawal over 468 million Dollars by the Buhari led government to pay for some Tocano Aircraft without the National Assembly approval or any form of due process or budgetary approval seems to be exposing high scale looting of the Country Treasury.

Daily Watch investigations and findings confirmed that the hurried payment for the aircraft by the Presidency and members of the Presidential cabal was simply to hide certain secrets which would have been seen glaringly if the aircraft purchase plans had gone through due process and the scrutiny of the National Assembly before Payment.

Daily Watch look into the a World  Premier Aviation Intelligence Agency Flight Global papers confirmed that the prices of the Tocano aircraft for which Nigeria paid a whopping 40 million dollars for one was merely 10 million dollars which means for every of the aircraft the Federal government by the secret and hurried payment had got Nigeria paid and extra 30 million Dollar as against the real price of 10 million Dollars and if Nigeria is buying twelve of these aircraft it simply implies that 30  times 12 million Dollars was padded into the payments by  the Presidency  which claimed was hurriedly paid for so as to beat a deadline which in truth was not factual.

According to Daily Watch investigations, the haste to pay and without informing the National Assembly was simply to cover for the 30 million Dollar added to the original price of the Techno Aircraft which also the Afghanistan and Tunisia Government just paid for and at a price of just ten million Dollars of the same type and specification and delivery date of 2020 thereby putting more lies of wanting the aircraft urgently to wage a defeated Boko Haram in 2018 with an aircraft that the United State would Deliver by 2020.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that to stop the National Assembly from investigating the cost of the aircraft and exposing the looted 30 million Dollars in each of the twelve aircraft the President on return from his US visit was said to have rushed to  a meeting with the Senate President and his Representative Counterpart on modalities to placate the National Assembly members and key the over bloated price for the aircraft into the 2018 budget so as to hide the secrets of the several billions looted by the Presidency and the Cabal through the purchase of the aircraft via anticipated approval process, the same process for which the Buhari Government if prosecuting Dasuki and persecuting Most officers of the Jonathan administration.

Attempts to reach out to the Minister for Defense or the Presidency spokesmen on this wholesome looting in the Presidency was not possible as silence was all one got from diverse messages to their lines.




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