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Grand Plot: Atiku strategizes, firmly positioned for 2023 under PDP

Atiku Abubakar

*As Wike, Tambuwal game plot in tenterhook following Atiku’s tactical but silent takeover of PDP

By Lucky Ojigbo, Managing Editor, Abuja

All seemed rosy and getting real certain for Abubakar 2023 Presidential ascension and takeover Presidential takeover as the former PDP Presidential Candidate docile but calculating moves and secret mobilization for 2023 bid and buildup without noise seemed fait accompli .

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the only obstacle to Atiku Presidential bid under the PDP and his eventual sailing to become Nigeria next President is Atiku himself as everything just seemed to be falling in place for the Turakin of Adamawa political wise.

Daily Watch discreet search confirmed that apart from the Sokoto State governor Aminu Tambuwal and the Rivers State governors who have some kind of Presidential ambition Abubakar Atiku is the only solid candidate with the overwhelming background and control of almost all the state PDP structures under his kitty coupled with that of almost all members of the National Assembly cutting across almost thirty states..

Daily watch investigations confirmed that immediately after the 2019 elections and the accompany court cases Atiku commenced immediate plot for 2023 and that game plot seemed to have paid off well as it has placed him miles away off other hopeful contestants both in the APC/PDP in Nigeria as he had taken absolute control and firm uncontestable hold of almost all PDP party Structures in thirty two out of the thirty Six states including the FCT .

Daily Watch Sources Confirmed that almost all PDP Chairmen in almost Thirty two states have been benefiting strategically from the huge pocket of Atiku and are totally, firmly and fiercely loyal to him even with Several years to the next elections such that any other Candidate hoping to be part of the PDP Presidential pursuit would have an herculean tax dismantling and getting any space off the Atiku’s firm hold of the Party’s structures.

The only other feeble Candidate for the PDP ticket is Aminu Tambuwal/Wike of Rives state Ticket which looks plausible on the face look but greatly impossible to hold water against a formidable and well positioned Atiku who has been working strenuous underground since 2019 and just immediately after the court case.

Daily Watch findings had it that Apart from Atiku in the PDP no other candidate of clout exist both in the PDP and the APC that has the potential and country wide acceptance and reach presently coupled with his restructuring selling point which would see him in a better stead to get his dream job through after several attempts and much more in a platter of Gold.

Daily Watch findings also confirmed that several top members in the APC would certainly drift to the PDP under Atiku’s Ticket just as many would drift out as soon as the APC picks her Presidential Candidate due to the great reach out Atiku is said to have made and still making even with several years into the 2023 Presidential elections which from all angle and purposes seemed Atiku’s for grab.

Daily watch tried reaching to Atiku main Media man Paul Ibe to confirm the stories of Atiku nocturnal and very calculated reach out to several political egg heads in both APC and PDP to actualize his 2023 Presidential dreams but got no response to the series of text massages to his phone on the topic.



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